Can bed bugs go away on their own?

When you have a nightmare while you’re sleeping, you can just hope it to end as soon as possible. Because you don’t have any way to stop it. So, when you have to deal bed bugs, can you just hope bed bugs to go away on their own?

What is a bed bug?

Bed bug is a kind of insect which is actually a common name used for more than 70 insect species. But bed bugs have some certain physical features to recognize them:

  • Their bodies are oval-shaped
  • The are 1 to 5 mm sized
  • They have no wings
  • They are blood-fed

To make sure if you have bed bugs or you don’t, you can just check this post:

bed bugs go by themselves

What brings bed bugs to your home?

There are hundreds of possibilities those can bring bed bugs into your home. You can check this article to learn about them:

But bed bugs usually come from a friend of you, a second hand book or furniture or in your baggage after a travel.

Do bed bugs eventually die?

I can understand why you ask this question. You just wonder their life time, so they will die and leave you alone!

Here’s their life time:

As you can see on that post, they can survive for months even without feeding or hosting. But this isn’t the real problem. The real problem is how they multiply:

Yes the are mortal too and will die eventually. But this will have no meaning as they can multiply so fast.

bed bugs gone away

Do bed bugs go away?

There is no way to this. Yes, this may happen once in a thousand and they can go. But this is very low possibility to bargain on.

If there are some people inside the house, they won’t prefer to go anywhere until they starve to death.

Do bed bugs go away in winter?

Ae bed bugs migratory insects? Sure, they are not. They have no wings to fly or no strong legs to walk for a very long time.

Beside this, they have resistance to cold and hot so, they can keep living in low or high temperatures:

bed bugs go on their own

How long after a treatment do bed bugs go away?

This is a wrong question. Because after a treatment, you will need time not for bed bugs to go away on their own but only to die.

Any treatment will need some time to kill bed bugs:


Do bed bugs go away on their own? No way to this. They are not migratory or adventure addicts. Even if they don’t have food near their hosts, they will still be waiting to the end for a new food source and won’t leave their host.

So, bed bugs won’t go away on their own. You need to make an extermination or treatment for bed bugs and kill them all.

Because of this, even if you already think that you got rid of them after a treatment and didn’t see them around for a few months, you must still keep your eyes open for bed bugs.

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