Can bed bugs jump?

Bed bugs are invader creatures and they move around at your home. But how do they do this? Can bed bugs jump or just walk?

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are blood-fed bugs and they usually live in our homes. In some cases, they can live outside ( ) but inside houses are ideal hosts for them.

They are 1 to 5 mm sized and visible to human eye:

They have no wings so, they can’t fly. They have a oval-shaped body which is reddish-brown and after they recently fed well, their color turn to red.

close view of a red bed bug

Do bed bugs jump?

Jumping is an important ability for bugs to move from some place to another. A bug which jumps can easily move around and reach its target.

The most known jumping bugs are fleas. An adult flea can jump up to 18 cm vertically and 33 cm to horizontally.

But bed bugs do not have such an ability and they can’t jump. So, if they can’t jump, how can they move up to our bodies, beds or furniture?

a girl jumping in the forest

How do bed bugs move around?

They just walk. Bed bugs have six legs and they can move from one place to another easily. Bed bugs are night-lovers and unless they need to feed immediately they will prefer to feed at nights.

How do bed bugs climb on you?

Walking is not the only thing bed bugs are good on. They are great climbers with their six legs. They can crawl fast like spiders. There is no place at home that bed bugs can’t reach by crawling.

How fast do bed bugs move?

They normally move slowly. If you observe a bed bug which didn’t see you, you will see it walking slowly and calmly.

But when a bed bug becomes aware of you watching it, then it will start moving very fast. However, bed bugs can move very fast, yet they aren’t as fast as to be able to run away from you. When you see a bed bug running away, you can easily catch it.

bed bug invasion at home

How do bed bugs travel?

They travel by walking and crawling at home. But how they are transmitted from one place to another place outside is usually by using a transporter like human or cars.

They are contagious ( ) and successful in travelling by hiding in your clothes, baggage or car.


Can bed bugs jump? Surely, not! They also can’t fly. What they do is to walk around and crawling to higher places.

If you see a bug around which suddenly disappears by jumping or flying, then it’s not a bed bug. There are a lot of bugs at home mistaken for bed bugs:

When you come across a bed bug, just watch and let it recognize you. What you’ll see is going to be a slowly walking bug at first and a fast-moving bug after it recognizes you. But it will never jump or fly.

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