Does vaseline keep bed bugs from biting you?

After you have bed bugs at home and you start your fight against them, you will always need some time to get results. By the way, there will be bed bugs around and they will try to bit you. So, will vaseline keep bed bugs from biting?

Bed bug bites

You can’t realize bed bugs biting you, because of a chemical they secrete while doing it. But there are signs of bed bug bites and you may be sure that you have bed bugs by those signs:

What is vaseline?

Vaseline is actually a brand name for petroleum jelly which is a mixture of waxes and oils and discovered by Robert Augustus Chesebrough in 1859.

It’s used for kind of purposes like moisturizing skin, cleaning pet paws, preventing diaper rash, removing eye makeup, preserving perfume scents or saving split ends.

Which vaseline brand is best?

There will be no specific answer for this question. Because all vaselines are made of same thing. The name “vaseline” is originally found and used by Robert Augustus Chesebrough and it’s a common name for petroleum jelly.

Biggest brands in the world for vaseline are Nivea, Ponds, Lakme, Olay, Johnson and Johnson, Clinique, Garnier and Dove.

vaseline bed bugs

How does vaseline work for bed bugs?

Vaseline is a very slippery gel and this will complicate moving or climbing on it for any creatures. So, bed bugs are hoped to get hard on climbing over a vaselined area.

How to use vaseline for bed bugs?

does vaseline help you for bed bugs

The idea is to prevent bed bugs reaching and biting you. If you are sleeping a bed with feet, a bed bug that wants to bite you should first climb your mattress.

And the first step of this is climbing your bed’s feet. In this way, you spread vaseline all legs of your bed and hope bed bugs not to be able to climb on your bed over this slippery gel.

Does vaseline work for bed bugs?

The answer is simply yes and no! How I know this is that I made some research on internet and here are some reviews about vaseline for bed bugs.

While some say that vaseline works for them, others say that vaseline is nothing but a waste of time. What you must do is to just give a chance to vaseline and see the result by yourself.

vaseline against bed bugs


When you have bed bugs, your main motivation and actions must be for getting rid of them permanently. But while you are doing this, you may also try to keep bed bugs away from you.

One of the ways to keep bed bugs away is using vaseline. The idea is to spread vaseline on to the legs of your bed and hope vaseline to stop bed bugs crawling to your mattress.

It may work because vaseline is very slippery and maybe bed bugs don’t want to contact to something they never touched or smelled before.

Vaseline isn’t expensive and I believe that a chance must be given to vaseline to see if it keeps away bed bugs from you or it doesn’t.

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