How do professionals detect bed bugs?


It’s difficult to find bed bugs because they are so tiny. The thought of having these little blood-sucking pests crawling around to feed on your blood while you rest or sleep, makes it very unsettling. That would make you wonder that “is there a bed bug detector?” That would help you detect bugs and remove them effectively. Professional pest control inspectors, examine the suspected area for the most bed bug activity and use special tools like bed bug deflectors to look for indications of bed bugs.

How to detect a bed bug? 

To detect a bed bug, you need to know what it looks like. The adult bed bugs come in a reddish-brown, oval-shaped look and small size. This small insect is 1/4th of an inch. They could appear to be flatter if they recently fed on something. Baby bed bugs are much smaller and can appear as yellow, whitish and translucent. If these immature bugs have not fed in a while, they cannot be seen by the naked eye. They may even show colour if they have fed.

Do bed bug detectors really work?

If you have bed bugs in your house, take action immediately. Small infestations have the tendency to turn into big ones if they are not properly treated. Bed bug detectors work effectively to eradicate bed bugs from your house. There are two types of detection tools. One is active and the other one is passive.

Active bed bug detectors use luring to trap the bed bugs. Professionals mimic a host’s presence and draw the bugs out of their hiding areas. For that, carbon dioxide and heat us used to trap the pests. Passive bed detectors use an easier principle. Tiny plastic dishes are kept under the bedposts. The surface from inside is smooth and from outside it’s textured. That makes it easier for the bugs to crawl inside but escaping is almost impossible.

You must be wondering, what is the best bed bug detector? Below are three examples of reliable bug detectors that professionals use.

1. Bed bug plug active monitor and trap:

Last year, 97% of professionals treated bed bugs using this device. It’s something that all professionals trust and rely on. The bed bug plug active monitor and trap us a device that is specifically designed to detect and capture bed bugs before the infestation grows. Lab test and studies depict that this device outperforms all other traps and detectors for bed bugs on the market. It’s effective, portable and small. The bed bug plug active monitor and trap device is safe and simple to use as it does have any harsh chemicals or poisons.

Bed bug plug active monitor and trap


2. Verifi bed bug detector:

The Verifi bed bug detector is equipped with a combination of three distinct attractants to attract the bed bugs. Kairomone lure, CO2 and pheromone are the attractants used in this device. The verifi bed bug detector reviews are great. The kairomone lure and CO2 mimic the blood source of the bed bugs and the pheromone lure makes them congregate and gather behind or inside the unit. This

detector is the first active one to provide more than ninth days of continuous bed bug detection. It’s discreet, easy to use and affordable. The Verifi bed bug detector by FMC us the latest and exciting active bed detector. You can easily use it for cruise ships, residences, hospitals, hotels and shelter. Besides these locations, you can use it anywhere detection is required.

Verifi bed bug detector


3. Nightwatch bed bug monitor:

This device features a new technology that traps bed bugs by attracting them in an already infested room. Apartment owners and hotels can use the Nightwatch bed bug monitor to see if any of the units or rooms have bed bugs. A room that has been treated is safe to use. However, an infested room depicts poor-quality and it’s even difficult to control it. The brilliant Nightwatch bed bug monitor is designed specifically to capture the beg bugs with more accuracy. By mimicking a human body’s heat and CO2, the Nightwatch bed bug monitor has the most powerful lure to effectively trap the bed bugs. The kairomone lure also uses the biological and natural attractants of the pest against them. Each monitor can cover a 16-inch × 16-inch room. If space is larger, you will need extra monitors. This device should be used with other measures for bed bug control. You can use it with a bed bug kit of spray.

Nightwatch bed bug monitor


Professionals use the devices listed above to detect bed bugs. It’s better to ask for professional pest control help on time. Otherwise, the pest infestation will grow so much that it will become difficult to control it. Instead of waiting for things to get out of hand, get rid of these little monsters by using effective methods.