There are some natural enemies of bed bugs who love to eat bed bugs more than you hate them. These animals are actually the natural predators that kill and eat bed bugs naturally

Once you know that your home and your workplace is under bed bug attack and you are suffering from their vicious bites.

Yes there are some animals which eat bed bugs. You might have known about recluse spiders; they have some such natural predators.

Most aunts love eating different delicious foods which include human leftovers and many things. They also don’t mind eating bed bugs.

You might don’t like to have cockroaches in your house. I used to hate them until I came to know that there are few species of cockroaches which actually are enemies and they are natural predators to bed bugs.

These bugs are known by several names you might have heard about cone nosed bugs or Assassin bugs or kissing bugs.

This creepy bug belongs to the assassin bug family, it’s so good at bed bug killing that it is often referred to as a bed bug hunter.

Now this can be an interesting option to eliminate bed bugs. The reason why they can help you with bed bugs is that they eat bed bugs quite readily

Lizards also love to dine on insects and it’s their primary food source. So if the bed bugs get a meal of bed bugs they truly find it delicious. But when you want to eliminate the bed bugs fully  you need a full gang of lizards to kill the fuss.

Existence of bed bug predators or enemies is a sign of hope and positivity that bed bugs are not completely invincible.