Bed bugs are annoying creatures. Bed bugs multiply rapidly bite you all night and it’s hard to find them. Most people are curious about the results of bed bug bites

An adult bed bug is about an apple seed and so, it’s difficult to see them with human eye. Even so, it’s not impossible to find them.

Their only food source is mammalians. Bats, dogs, cats and human are their food sources and they are blood-fed. They don’t eat anything, but they drink blood.

if a person is bitten bey a bed bug for the first time, there will be some local erythema at the point of bites. If the person is bitten repeatedly before, there will be edema with bleeding in the middle of it.

As you know, it’s always dangerous to get exact answers to such questions like Bed Bugs give you a disease. But a lot of researches show that bed bugs can carry many diseases to human.

Rather than a physical disease, bed bug bites are more about psychological discomforts. Living in a house which is invaded by bed bugs mean to have sleepless nights and a lot of stresses.

Itching and blisters are the most common results of bed bugs. Blisters will probably bleed after you start itching them.

As you see up to present, however, some diseases are approved to be transmitted by bed bugs; any HIV, Hepatitis B or other diseases like those have been documented.