I know the suffering due to the bed bugs. Because I am a victim too. I have tried many ready made solutions to get rid of these bedbugs.

My first reply is yes it definitely is. A doctor that there will be many if and buts. To clear this if and but I have written this article.

5.25% sodium hypochlorite solution in water is the chemical composition of Clorox the household bleach used in the laundry.

Bed bugs have the same problem with the bleach as we humans have. This is really difficult to tolerate the smell of the bleach.

Bleach is effective against bed bugs as well as viruses. In addition to this, the dust from the surface will be automatically removed.

Bedbugs are exposed to hypochlorous due to the use of bleach in the laundry. Hypochlorous effects on the protein structure of the body.

Now, this is the time to give bleach time to settle down and complete its reaction. The bleach will take at least two days to complete its action.