Do you know that you are not alone? An unseen companion is with you in your hotel room. You will not meet this companion soon. It will appear when you fall asleep.

As soon as you enter the room you are at risk of being infected with bed bugs. The first thing is that you must save your luggage first. You can be bitten by the bed bug but this is something that will happen at night.

If this is not possible for you to change the room then you may use when of the scents to keep away the bed bugs. We have written a complete article on it.

you can use the simple oils the natural ones that can keep the bed bugs away from your bed. The most natural ingredient in this regard is Neem. You can use the leaves of the Neem.

Next is the thing to inspect the furniture. The furniture is needed to be examined accurately. Check the foam of the chairs. Look for the foldings especially look for the folding that is under the wood.