Bed bugs cannot survive in high temperatures. At a higher temperature, even their eggs will not survive. So this is the natural way of killing the bed bugs. Bed bugs of all stages can be killed easily

This technically sound equipment has the capability to achieve the highest possible temperature. The temperature for this equipment is 152 F and 161 F the maximum

The chemical spray is effective but you need to do it again and again. Otherwise, the intensity of the chemical needed is so high. This quantity can harm humans as well as the pets living in the arena.

Both of these problems caused by the chemical treatment have been eliminated in this technique. This technique not only provides you a nontoxic way of killing the bed bugs, but it also provides you with ease of application.

This tool is really helpful for you to Kill More Bed Bugs as this is of large size. Even the large items can be easily heated into it. This is the Time-Tested product.

This is the Bedbug Heater. It comes with a Thermometer. The thermometer helps to attain the temperature that is needed to kill the bed bugs.

Chemical products came with different side effects. Especially if you are living with your pets in your home this will be really dangerous to use the chemical treatment on the home.

This is really large in size. This bedbug killing system can kill the bed bugs really in large quantities. It can easily handle the bug stuff inside the large sized heater.

While treating the bed bugs with heat. This is necessary to take safety measures. Too much heat inside the box is really a difficult thing to handle.