What is bed bug and how it lives?

I am sure you heard about bedbugs; but I hope you never met them! Because if you met bedbugs, it means that you have a big problem. So, let’s learn about bedbugs.

What is bedbug?

Bed bug is actually not the name of a specific animal. It is a common name used for 74 different insect species.

Yes what you heard is true! If we would like to define a bedbug, it would have these properties:

  • Half-winged
  • 3 to 5 millimeters length
  • Flat and oval
  • Atrophied winged
  • Blood-fed
  • Stinking
  • İnsect 😊

If you still have doubt about how it seems, just look these photos below. Then you will recognize it.

a bed bug measured with a ruler

a bed bug upturned

Bedbug species and life times

There are two bed bug species: Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus. However, they live in tropical areas, they may be seen in other areas too.

A bedbug usually has a lifetime of 8 weeks. But in most cases, bed bug can live longer due to its feeding sources and living conditions. This lifetime can reach up to 11 months.

What a bed bug eats?

As every alive, bed bugs need feeding too. But what they need for living is, what we don’t want to share: Blood.

They feed by the bloods of birds and mammalians. Guess what we people are? Yes, we are mammalians and one of the most important feed sources of bed bugs.

So I have good and bad news for you. Good news: 2/3 of all bed bugs feed by bats. Bad news: 1/3 is still a huge number, may be millions of bed bugs.

Where bed bugs hide in house?

The right question must be: Where they don’t live? But if you request a list for the places where they live in houses, here it is:

  • Behind the wall papers
  • Cracks on the walls and floors
  • Behind the pics
  • Old stuffs
  • Under the carpets
  • Bedspreads
  • Pillows
  • Furnitures

When bed bugs appear?

focused view of a bed bug

What I mean by appear is not to see them, but when they start feeding. They do not wander at daylight which means bed bugs will feed at nights, after the sunset.

A bed bug satisfies with food after 10 or 20 minutes. This timeline is enough for it and some kind of bed bugs can even live for a year without feeding.

How bed bug bite affects human health?

When a bed bug bites a human, human doesn’t feel any pain. Because it secretes a kind of saliva which has anticoagulants to prevent clotting of blood.

Normally a bed bug bites a human once and keeps feeding for minutes. But we human, usually move on bed while sleeping. This move causes bed bug to stop feeding and continue it after he or she remains constant. That’s why only one bed bug bites a man or woman point to dozens.

After bed bugs bite, there will be some bite signs on the body; mostly on necks, back and arms.  These bites will cause some edema and bleeding on that area.

Bed bugs usually do not carry infectious diseases but after become aware of such bites, you must visit your doctor immediately.

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