Will bleach kill bed bugs?

When you have a beg bug invasion, it’s time o think about the options. Because fighting with bed bugs needs a combination of several ways. So, is bleach one of these ways and does bleach kill bed bugs?

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are small bugs which can easily multiply and invade all house if any precautions are taken. most bugs at home are similar and it’s not easy to identify a bed bug, if you are not an expert on this.

Here is an article about other bugs which are mistaken for bed bugs: bedbugdetected.com/10-bugs-mistaken-for-bed-bugs

A bed bug is 1 to 6 mm length and oval shaped. It has no wings, it can’t fly or jump. For more information about what they look like, you can check this post: bedbugdetected.com/what-do-bed-bugs-look-like-to-the-human-eye

 What is bleach?

two bottles of bleach

Bleach is a chemical product which is usually used at homes for cleaning. Main usage areas of bleach are below:

  • Industry
  • Clothes
  • General cleaning at homes

Bleach is a deadly and corruptive chemical and it’s easy to get it from supermarkets anytime and anywhere.

Bleach may cause serious health problems when it contacts to human body or it’s drunk by mistake. It must be kept away from babies and children.

Natural remedies for bed bugs

three forms of bed bugs

After a bed bug invasion, you may want to try some homemade remedies for bed bugs before you hire a professional exterminator.

There are several natural remedies for bed bugs: bedbugdetected.com/natural-remedies-for-bed-bugs

Bleach may be one of them.

Does bleach kill bed bugs?

a brown bed bug

We have a certain and simple answer for this: Yes, it will kill them. Because bleach oxidizes their body with sodium hypochlorite which bleach contains.

But bleach must be directly used on bed bugs and it should contact their bodies.

Is bleach an exact solution for bed bugs?

a red bed bug

Basically, it’s not! Yes, it can kill bed bugs, but you must find every dingle bed bug first. Because the bed bugs are hiding in cracks, holes, furniture or clothes when they aren’t feeding, it’s difficult to find them.

If it’s not just the beginning of a bed bug invasion, then you have probably hundreds of bed bugs and eggs around.

Technically, it’s impossible to find all bed bugs around so, bleach won’t help you destroying them wholesale.

Does bleach kill bed bug eggs?

two bed bugs together

Even if you find all bed bugs walking around and kill them all with bleach, there is still another problem: Bed bug eggs.

Bleach won’t destroy bed bug eggs, because eggs provide a protection against chemicals like bleach.

But when eggs hatch and bleach is still there, on the surface, it will kill those nymphs which contact the bleach.

Will bleach remove bed bug stains?

As you see above, bleach is not a good option for killing bed bugs and their eggs. But it is a good option to remove their stains.

If you have bed bug stains on your carpet, clothes or beds, then yes, you can use bleach to get rid of those stains.


Why I don’t recommend use of bleach against bed bugs is:

  • It will only kill those bed bugs which directly contacts on bleach
  • It won’t affect bed bug eggs
  • You’ll need to find every single bed bug for using bleach against them
  • Bleach is a dangerous chemical and overuse of it will cause serious health problems. If you have children or babies at home, you shouldn’t even think of using bleach.

So, if you think of using bleach against bed bugs, just forget it! You must look for some solutions which are more effective and less dangerous.

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