Bed bugs can affect your daily life on several ways. Some of these affects are physical and some are psychological. But do they infect you any diseases and are they contagious?

– They have oval-shaped and flat bodies – They have 6 legs – They are 1-5 mm length sized in average – Reddish-brown colored – Have no wings

Common result of a bed bug bite is usually having some blisters at those points where they bit you. Itching and other infections come after that.

There may be two different meanings for the word “contagious”. One is about carrying diseases from one person to another and the second one is about moving from one place to another.

Bed bugs can’t jump or fly so, they need a carrier to move away. It’s not difficult to move around in a house for bed bugs; but when it’s about traveling long distances, they can’t do it by themselves.

What makes them very contagious at Outside work or school is that environmental control in such places are very difficult.

However, it’s difficult to fight with bed bugs at school, there are some ways that can prevent bed bug invasion.

If there are bed bugs at home, they will probably try to feed on your pets like dogs or cats. But you must remember that bed bugs will always prefer human as the main and first food source.