It always happens whenever you are surrounded by a problem you always try to get rid of it.

Dry cleaning is the process to clean the cloth. This is somehow the same as ordinary laundry.

This mixture was different from ordinary detergent. It keeps the fabric of the cloth intact.

A solvent with the name of perchloroethylene is used in the process of dry cleaning. This chemical is specifically used for oil based stains.

The other chemical widely used in substitution is Hydrocarbons. This is relatively lighter.

The bedbug may stick with the bedsheet and can be killed in the process of dry cleaning. But what about those bugs that are still staying on your bed.

Both of these purposes can be achieved by doing a simple task. This task is to use essential oils. The essential oil has the capacity to repeal the insects away.

If you are in the habit of drying your clothes after the wash this will definitely kill the bad bugs for you. Again this method is effective only on the cloth and is useless for the bugs that are hidden or stay in your bed.