Does Dry Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs?

It always happens whenever you are surrounded by a problem you always try to get rid of it. Some problems are so annoying that you want to do anything to get rid of them, One of these problems is the bed bugs. Just imagine that you are sleeping on your bed and the bug bites you. The sleep will be destroyed badly and you will not even perform your duties the next day in the office and in your life with routine.

So this routine disturbing bombshell should be grabbed in the beginning in an effort to minimize the loss.

Multiple ways have been adopted by many people in order to get rid of the bed bugs. You will find hundreds and thousands of articles on the web that tells you how to get rid of bed bugs. Some are effective, some have moderate value and some are not effective at all. In this article, we will try to find out that if Dry Cleaning is also a type of treatment that can be used effectively against bed bugs or it is just a myth like in many others that are circulating on different websites around the web

Can Dry Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs?

This is a question that is very important to be answered properly. If you are thinking of killing your bed bugs with the process of dry cleaning then you must know. It will be a bit long to get the answer to this question properly.

Despite the importance of this question. one answer is obvious and this is that some clothes have a tag on it. This tag says that these clothes should be dry clean only.

What Is The Process Of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the process to clean the cloth. This is somehow the same as ordinary laundry. Then what is this machine that changes the process for you? No, the machine is more and less the same.

Then what actually creates a difference. This is the mixture we use for the detergent. This mixture was different from ordinary detergent. It keeps the fabric of the cloth intact. It only grabs the stain away. This is the reason that it provides superior cleaning and superior protection to the cloth.

A solvent with the name of perchloroethylene is used in the process of dry cleaning. This chemical is specifically used for oil based stains. Relatively academic in nature. This substance is really hard on the bugs. If your dry cleaner uses this specific substance for the cleaning it means that the chances are high you will get rid of the bed bugs after the process of dry cleaning.

The bad news is that all the dry cleaner shops do not use the same chemical. The other chemical widely used in substitution is Hydrocarbons. This is relatively lighter. The reason to use the Hydrocarbons is that the perchloroethylene is being hard some time may cause structure damage secondly the colors in the presence of perchloroethylene is not so well protected and it may cause a color bleed.

So it certainly depends on the chemical used that will tell you if you will be able to get rid of the bed bugs after the dry clean or not.

Is Dry Cleaning Is Effective On The Bed

The bedbug may stick with the bedsheet and can be killed in the process of dry cleaning. But what about those bugs that are still staying on your bed. It may happen that the bed sheet may bring the stains of the chemical with it. When you put it on the bed. This will automatically destroy the bed bugs remaining on the bed. Unfortunately, this is something which does not happen.

The bed sheets by no way have the means to transport the chemical to the bed that can destroy the bed bugs.

So even after the dry clean, the bed bugs will remain on it and you will not be able to make your bed a better place to live on.

Now What…….!

We have found that dry cleaning is not very effective against bed bugs. The question is what to do next. There are some other things that we can try to get rid of the bed bugs.  These are home remedies and are relatively simp;e to follow me some of those may make your life easy.

Kill or Repeal

Both of these purposes can be achieved by doing a simple task. This task is to use essential oils. The essential oil has the capacity to repeal the insects away. Other than this it has also been claimed that these are really good ink killing.

The only guideline while using these oils is that these cannot be used  in the concentrated original form. You have to dilute it at least 50% in order to make it usable.


If you are in the habit of drying your clothes after the wash this will definitely kill the bad bugs for you. Again this method is effective only on the cloth and is useless for the bugs that are hidden or stay in your bed.