Does dry cleaning kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tough bugs and they can adopt various environmental conditions. But their main enemy is heat and dry cleaning provides a lot of heat for you. So, does dry cleaning kill bed bugs and is it enough to get rid of them?

Bed bugs at home

Bed bugs are blood-fed insects and they need to be close to their food sources. This need forces them to live close to people and houses are great options for them.

A house which has people living inside provides them good environmental conditions and endless food.

When you have bed bugs at home, then you have bed bugs on your bed, in your furniture or inside your clothes.

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In what temperature do bed bugs die?

Bed bugs don’t like over heat or over cold. But their resistance limit between over heat and over cold is large and they can easily keep living between 45°F and 100°F.

Bed bugs will die after 113°F and this is usually not a temperature you can get naturally. What you must do is to create a temperature over 113°F by unnatural ways.

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What temperature is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is an effective way to clean your clothes which uses steam and some chemicals for this. Because water is not used in dry cleaning, clothes and other textile products will last longer.

A dry cleaner will have a temperature of 86°F in average. Because higher temperatures can damage your clothes in it.

As you will see, average temperature of a dry cleaner is lower than 113°F which is the temperature that bed bugs will start dying.

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Will dry cleaning kill bed bugs?

Chemicals are used in dry cleaning instead of water and those chemicals will help killing bed bugs. but the problem is, chemicals aren’t always used in dry cleaning and when they aren’t used, dry cleaning won’t help you.

Because 86°F temperature is clearly not enough to kill bed bugs and although this temperature pressure bed bugs, they will still survive this.

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How to use dry clean to kill bed bugs?

If you are going to give your clothes to a dry-cleaning shop, make sure that they use some chemicals for dry cleaning.

Without chemicals, dry clean will be useless to get rid of bed bugs.


Does dry cleaning kill bed bugs? Yes in some cases and no in some other. The answer depends on what used for dry cleaning.

If no chemical is used in dry cleaning, then my answer is “no” and dry cleaning won’t kill bed bugs. You’ll need at least 113°F for killing them and dry cleaning won’t provide you so high temperature.

If chemicals are used in dry cleaning, then the answer is ”maybe”, because however chemicals kill bed bugs usually, bed bugs can withstand some kind of chemicals and survive after the dry cleaning.

As a result, in my opinion, dry cleaning is not an option for killing bed bugs and it will be a waste of time because of two reasons.

First, it won’t always kill bed bugs and second, there are a lot of clothes and other textile products you need to clean and dry cleaning for all will cost too much.

You must think of other cheaper and more effective ways to get rid of bed bugs instead of dry cleaning:

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