How long does it take for bed bugs to die after an extermination?

Bed bugs are tough creatures. They are resistance to cold and heat between some temperatures and they can live for a long time without feeding. So how long will it take bed bugs to die after a bed bug treatment?

Bed bugs are tough bugs

They can easily keep living between 45°F and 100°F. Conditions will be harder for bed bugs, when temperature is near to 0°F and more than 113°F.

If they fed once, they won’t need feeding for several months, and maybe for a year in some cases:

They have resistance to any environment in US and can easily adopt where they started to live.

when will bed bugs die after treatment

How quick they die after a treatment?

The answer will vary to what is used for bed bugs. You can use some homemade remedies or chemicals or bed bug sprays. They will all have different results from each other.

Let’s look at the effect of bed bug remedies one by one:

time to die for bed bugs

Bed bugs will die in different times due to your remedy

As you see above, there is no certain answer for dying process of bed bugs. What you use for bed bugs will determine the death time of bed bugs.

death time for bed bugs


Bed bug are resistant creatures, and it’s not easy to kill them in most cases. Those chemicals or sprays you use for bed bugs are the most effective ways to kill them.

But if bed bugs don’t directly touch with your treatment, they won’t die. So, you must wait for at least a few week in every single treatment to get the result.

Bed bugs will keep moving around and they can contact your spray or dust anytime. When they contact it, bed bugs will die in various times due to your treatment way.

Whatever those treatment do, you must always remember that chemicals and other unnatural treatment ways may be dangerous for household and you should be careful with your kids and babies during a bed bug treatment.

My advice is always to hire a professional, if you have a budget for it.



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