Are bed bugs visible or invisible?

There are two possible ways of becoming invisible: You must have super powers or you must be very small. A I know, bed bugs don’t have any super powers and they’re not very small. So, are bed bugs visible or not?

Bed bugs’ size

An adult bed bug can reach up to 5 mm size which is not very big but also not small enough. They have no wings on their bodies and their bodies are oval shaped. They also have 2 antennas on their heads.

Here is post about what they look like:

Do you see bed bugs?

bed bugs invisible

However bigger things are more visible, smaller things aren’t always invisible. What you see around you is usually about what you really want to see.

In a summer night when you’re trying to watch tv and bitten by mosquitos, you start to see them even in the dark while they’re flying. This is because of your attention on them.

So, when you have a bed bug problem, I’m sure that you can see them easily when they are walking around.

How big are they?

They are 1 to 5 mm sized and not very small to be invisible. But what makes them more visible isn’t their body size but only how they like to live.

Bed bugs are community guys and they do not like to hang out alone. When you pick up a mattress and see a bed bug, you will see hundreds of them together. So, yes, they are very visible to human eyes.

Can you know bed bugs?

bed bugs visible

However, they’re visible to your eyes, in some cases they can live for months or years without being noticed by you. This is not because they are invisible, but they are good hiders and night walkers.

When you don’t see any of them around, it doesn’t always mean they aren’t there. You must always be careful about the signs:


Are bed bugs visible? Yes, they are, while they decide walking around in daytime. If they prefer to keep hiding and going out only at nights, you may not come across with bed bugs and think they’re invisible, but they’re not.  Just keep looking around.

However bed bugs are small creatures, they aren’t small enough to be overlooked. When you make a detailed search, you can easily find bed bugs if they are really there:

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