How to find bed bugs during the day?

Bed bugs feed at nights and keep hiding during the day. Therefore, it’s difficult to find them under daylight. So, how to find bed bugs during the day?

How to identify bed bugs?

Before start to look for bed bugs, you must know what they look like. Bed bugs have three life stages and they are 1 to 5 mm during these stages:

They are also visible to human eye and you can see them with naked eye:

There may be a lot of species of bugs at home and bed bugs can’t be easily differentiated from other bugs. Some physical features of bed bugs are below:

  • They have no wings
  • They can’t jump
  • Body is flatted
  • Reddish-brown (Red after recently fed)

a bed bug in inside hair

When do bed bugs feed?

A bed bug normally prefers to feed at nights. They keep hiding on their hosts during the day and start feeding after dark.

In some cases, bed bugs can feed at daylight, but this is not an ordinary behavior for them.

How often do bed bugs feed?

This depends on how they fed before. An adult bed bugs needs 10 to 15 minutes to feed fully. After a full feed, bed bug won’t need to feed again for several weeks.

If they don’t have enough blood sources around, they can survive up to a year without feeding:

a kitchen in a house

How to find bed bugs in the daytime?

Because bed bugs won’t appear around during the day, you will have to find them in their hosts where they hide.

Q quick search at home will not be enough to find bed bugs. You need to make a detailed research which includes every single crack at home.

So, where they keep hiding?

a picture drawn that has 2 stones, a house and sun

Where do bed bugs hide during the day?

Bed bugs need hidden hosts to stay away from human and control their body temperature. Therefore, they prefer to live under, behind or inside the stuff.

Here some possible hosts for bed bugs:

  • Cracks
  • Holes
  • Inside and behind furniture
  • Under bed
  • Inside mattress and pillow
  • Behind pictures
  • Under carpet or floor
  • Inside clothes

How to search bed bugs in daytime?

You will need a flashlight. I know it’s daytime and there will be enough daylight around but places where bed bugs hide are usually behind or under some stuff and darker than surroundings.

You must lift carpets, floor cracks or mattress and remove furniture or pictures. Use your flashlight to search those places carefully.

Bed bugs do not live single and tens of them are together in their host. So, if there are bed bugs at your home and you come across a host, you will recognize it quickly.

Bed bugs signs at home

If you are undecided about where to start searching, you can follow some signs to hit the target.

Bed bugs can leave blood behind while they’re turning back to their hosts. You can search for small red bloods around.

Bed bug eggs can also be around and where you find them is the closest place to their host.

Some of bed bugs could be death because of your previous treatments and if you find death bodies on somewhere, this place can be on the way of home for bed bugs.

a bedroom with a bed

How to force bed bugs out of hiding?

When you believe that you find the right place, but can’t get inside there, you can force bed bugs to go out of host by using a blow dryer.

Heat the crack or hole with blow dryer for a while, let them leave the crack. Bed bugs are not good with heat and they will die in higher temperatures.

Bed bug credit card test

While you are looking for bed bugs, a credit card will help you a lot. When you have a crack or a hole that you can’t look inside directly, put a credit card inside and move it towards yourself.

If there are bed bugs inside that hole or crack, you will be able to get them out with the credit card.

a white house with green door and window

Other tools for finding bed bugs

You can also use these items for searching bed bugs:

  • Magnifying glass
  • A container to collect bed bugs you found
  • Tweezer to hold them
  • Spatula or putty knife instead of credit card
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Flashlight (You can use your phone’s flashlight)


It’s difficult to find bed bugs during the day. Because they will feed at nights and keep staying in their hosts in daytime.

But it’s not impossible and you just need to know where to look for. First do a checklist for the places you will search and then start searching. The more places you check, the more bed bugs you can find.

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