There are lots of ways on the web to get rid of bed bugs. While some treatments are natural remedies, others are with chemical products. Hiring a professional or ask for help from an experienced guy are other options. So, what is the most effective bud bug treatment?


When bed bugs are in your home, then you have a serious problem. Even if you just see one single bed bug, you must immediately start searching for the others and be ready to the war.

Because bed bug are invaders and bed bugs will multiply very fast. So, you’ll need an answer to this question: Which treatment is the best for bed bugs?


Those are the most common treatment ways for bed bugs:

Other than these, hiring a professional could be a good option. Very much experienced professionals will define your problem and solution better than you.


So, which is the most effective way for bed bugs or how will it be decided? I always believe that those public comments and reviews on the web are the most objective and helpful thoughts thaw we can find.

So, I just surfed for a long time on social media web sites and forums so, I could get some important reviews. So, let’s check them together:

“I have a 95% success rate with one heat treatment.”

“Bedlam Plus? How effective is this?.. I used Bedlam. Killed them instantly”

“Looking for recommendations on the most effective bed interceptors – which ones actually work ?.. SenSci Blackout. Undoubtedly the best available, and my opinion as a professional vampire slayer is backed by research done on multiple interceptors

“I’m sure someone is going to say bad advice but a very effective way to monitor and kill bed bugs at the same time is to pull bed about a ft away from walls. You can use a box spring cover (the fabric ones which make excellent climbing aids for bed bugs) that hang over. We have one for queen and full but put away in storage at moment. You can choose to just expose one side. You spray it with crossfire or something with good residual as you are the perfect bait. In order to get to you they come in contact with spray. Monitor and kill at the same time.”

“Vikane is the absolute best treatment but it’s not necessary to tent for every single bed bug job. Tenting is 100% kill to.”

“Ozone machine can kill them… it’s a long process and you won’t get 100%. It’s not close to a heat treatment, but it will knock them down a lot. Maybe adding crossfire after an ozone session will help”

I know you googled to find the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs and this post didn’t give you what you wanted.

But I have a better answer for you: There’s no a most effective treatment for bed bugs. Because treatment way must be picked by considering the spread of infestation or weather conditions in the city or number of guys living at that home.

You can’t use the same treatment while a house is empty and the other hosts a family with children. Treatment should be different to those houses while one is just in the beginning of a bed bug infestation and the other one was invaded completely by bed bugs.

However, this is classical advice, I still suggest you to hire a professional. Otherwise you can lose time and money, then you can still have the problem. A professional can find an effective treatment easily and help you to get rid of bed bugs permanently.