How do bed bugs travel?

If you have bed bugs, it means that you got them from somewhere. So how did you get them? Did they just walk into your house or fly into it? How do bed bugs travel?

Physical features of bed bugs

Bed bugs are small bugs with 1 to 5 mm sized bodies. They are oval-shaped and have no wings. They have 6 legs and 2 antennas.

They can’t fly or jump, but only walk. They are also good climbers. They can crawl on to your bed or other stuff at home and you.

Here is a post about what they look like:

bed bug travel options

Bed bugs are climbers

Just like spiders, bed bugs can also crawl up to higher places by using their strong legs. When they want to feed on a human, they just walk on him or her and try to find the best point to suck blood.

Because they can’t fly or jump, they need carrier to move on long distances. At this point, they have various options for being transported.

transport bed bugs

How bed bugs travel?

There are three basic options: Human, animals or stuff. A bed bug doesn’t will to move from its host to a new place unless it has enough food sources.

But if the “thing” they are on starts moving, so they will move too. Sometimes this thing may be a book, furniture or a human.

Here is a list where bed bugs are usually carried on:

  • Used stuff like books, furniture, pictures or cars
  • Human
  • Animals like dogs or cats
  • Public transportation vehicles like buses, trains, cabs or planes.

bed bugs old chairs

Bed bugs can travel long distances

As they need transporters to travel, in some cases they can travel thousands of miles. When you move to another county or state for a vacation, you can bring a bed bug into your home from your holiday.

Or a used book which you bought from an other city and got by a cargo may have a bed bug in it.


Needing a transporter to travel looks like a disadvantage for bed bugs. But in most cases, their weakness becomes their power.

If they could travel by flying, where they can reach would be limited by their body strength. But as they need a carrier for them, they can move thousands of miles in very short times.

Therefore, anywhere in the world is safe of bed bug infestation. Maybe you don’t have bed bugs around you today, but you can see them in your house tomorrow.

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