How big are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small bugs. So, they can be mistaken for other bugs at home. What is the average size for bed bugs and how big are they?

Bed bugs average size

Bed bugs are 1 to 5 mm sized. Their size will vary due to their life stage. Bed bugs have three life stages and we posted a content about it before:

Bed bugs have three life stages called egg, nymph and adult. As you can realize, egg is the first stage of their life cycle and they are about 1 mm sized.

When they hatched, they start growing. This growth speed will depend on how much and often they can feed.

A well-fed nymph will become an adult in a few months, and it will be 3 to 5 mm sized.

bed bugs life cycle image

How big do bed bugs get?

Up to 5 mm size is an average for bed bugs; but they can reach up to 10 mm in some cases. That’s all about environmental conditions and food sources.

Bed bugs need human or animals for feeding because they are blood-feeders and if they find a host in a home where a family lives, it will be easier for them to grow more.

Bed bug real photos

Let me show you real sizes of bed bugs. These photos are taken from social media and they are all taken by those who faced bed bug problems.

Ps: Third pic may not be a bed bug, but it’s a good example to understand average size of a bed bug.

a brown well fed bed bugfemale bed bug on groundphoto of a bed buga bed bug an a napkinbed bug on a toilet paperclose view of a female bed bug


Bed bugs are very small bugs and they are a little bigger than an apple seed. But you can see them with naked eyes.

If there are curious about bed bugs around you at home, just look for them carefully. Even if they are 5 mm sized in an average, that’s a size that you can see easily.

However, bed bugs can grow up to 10 mm in some cases, most of adult bed bugs won’t be able to grow up so big. What you look for around must be a bug of 5 mm sized in average.

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