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Bed bugs’ pictures are everywhere on the web. You can find lots of bed bug photos even in this website too. But what you can find in this post is that we tried to put all kind of bed bugs pictures together. You can see photos of bed bugs, their eggs, signs or bites below.


1- You can see a bed bug got caught and put next to a lighter. Bed bug is very small due to the lighter but it’s still visible.

2- Here is another close photo of a bed bug. This photo is taken by a guy who has problems with bed bugs and released this photo on his social media account.

3- Sometimes you ca’t see bed bugs, but you still know they are there. This is because of some signs on your body like being bitten by something. So, this is a close photo of bed bug bites on an arm.

4- Babies are undefended and can’t tell you what actually happened. Here is a photo how bed bug bites seem on a baby’s body.

5- Bed bugs feed on human by biting them. Because they bite you at nights when you are sleeping, you don’t feel them at that time. It’s when you see red spots on your body that you knew you were bitten. This picture shows bites on a finger.

6- Legs are one of the favorite parts of our body as a food for bed bugs. Our legs are easy to climb and bed bugs prefer to reach their goals immediately so, this makes our legs potential targets for them. You can see bed bug bites on the picture below.

7- Here is a bed bug picture which is not very close to see it but also not too far to miss. You can see what a bed bug looks like from an average distance

8- This a kind of microscopic photo of bed bugs. You can see almost every details on a bed bug’s body. In most cases you don’t have chance to study a bed bug such as this way; but this photo will give you the best image of a bed bug.

9- Another photo of a bed bug from a far distance. But you will usually see bed bugs from this distance in real life at home and these kind of pictures will give you good info for defining what you saw on your floor.

10- Our arms are usually naked whether in summer or not. While we are sleeping, arms will be most open area of our body and after bed bugs bite it, there will be such edema.

11- A bed bug found at home and killed. You can understand its real size by comparing it with the napkin.

12- One of the biggest and scariest surprises that you can have at home is a community of bed bugs under your mattress. This picture shows how it would be to have a bed bug community just under your mattress.

13- If you killed or found a bug at home and trying to understand what you have, then comparing its size is a good method to eliminate the options. This is a photo of a bed bug next to a change. So, you can compare your bug with this bed bug’s size and see if you have bed bugs or you do not.

14- In this photo there are adult bed bugs in bag and on an A4 paper. You can see how a bed bug’s size is close to any letter in the paper. I believe letters must be in 12p size.

15- Bed bugs do not want to walk around if they don’t have to do that for feeding. So they live in their hidden hosts for days and months until they get hungry again. In this picture you can see a very ideal host for bed bugs. Bed bugs are in a hole in the frame.

16- Another example for you to understand a bed bug’s size better by comparing it with a coin. In this picture, bed bug seems to be on a sticky tape.

17- These bed bugs look like nymphs which are beby bed bugs and you can see them on a man’s hand.

18- In this photo, householder has prepared a trap for bed bugs. These are sticky tapes which the householder put on the floor for bed bugs. What he hoped was that bed bugs would walk around and try to pass over those sticky tapes. This is the result of a bed bug walk at night. Once bed bugs stepped in sticky tapes, they couldn’t move again.

19- A few bed bugs got caught and put into a bag

20- An adult bed bug. As you’ll see, bed bugs don’t have wings and they can’t fly.

21- Bed bug bite on an arm. When a bed bug bites you, there will be red itchy spots on where they bit you. Because bed bugs secrete a chemical while they’re biting human, you don’t feel the bite. What you will see is red itchy points in the morning. After they bit you once, they suck your blood slowly just like a surgery operation.

22- Another close view of an adult bed bug.

23- You can see a dead bed bug on a napkin and between two fingers of a guy. You can compare its size with the nails of the guy.

24- Here’s a picture of a bed bug on a dark floor.

25- This bed bug seems like it’s looking into your eyes. This photo shows microscopic view of a bed bug.

26- When bed bugs find a place to hide, a lot of bed bugs will stay there. Because bed bugs like to live and hide together. You can have such scenes inside your furniture if you have a bed bug invasion.

27- Another bed bug got caught and put into a bag. It seems still alive.

28- A very good picture of an adult bed bug which is probably in the bottom of a glass.

29- This bed bug looks like it’s just fed well.

30- You can see a bed bug in a bag below.

31- It looks like what you see on this photo when bed bugs bite you from your neck.

32- Close view of a host for bed bugs which is probably under a mattress.

33- You can see such blood signs when bed bugs feed on you and walk around.

34- Another blood sign what a bed bug left behind.

35- A captured bed bug in a bag. You can see how it seems near to a nail.

36- Two bed bugs on a floor.

37- This woman lifts her mattress and this is what she meets under it!

38- Bed bugs aren’t mammalians and they multiply by hatching. You can see what bed bug eggs look like and how big they are. Bed bugs have three life stages. Those stages are egg, nymph and adult. Egg is the first stage and eggs are about 1 mm sized. Bed bug eggs are yellow white, they stay together and glued to the surface.

39- Here is a bed bug picture captured in a house.

40- Very close view of a bed bug.

41- Bed bugs prefer to hide in places like holes or cracks in which they can hide for a long time without being disturbed.

42- However this bed bug looks like a part of a map, you can still see it there obviously.

43- Bed bugs don’t have any wings and they have two antennas on their head as you’ll see in this photo.

44- Mattresses are bed bugs’ favourite place to hide. Bed bugs love to live in community and they prefer to be close to their feeding sources like you while sleeping.

45- Two bed bugs on clothes. Bed bugs can be inside your clothes and if you are making a search for them, your clothes must be one of your searching targets.

46- Very detailed view of a bed bug.

47- Bed bug picture on a floor. Bed bugs can’t fly and they also can’t jump. What they can do is to walk and crawl around. So floor is usually the place where you will meet them.

48- When you decide to make a search for bed bugs, you will need a flash light. After that you must check every crack, hole and corner at home.

49- You can see every detail on a bed bug’s body in this photo

50- A bed bug very close to a guy’s nail.

51- A bed bug on a sheet.

52- This woman got this bed bug and you have another oppotunity to compare its size with a nail.

53- Bed bug on mattress. Bed bugs can bite human anytime in a day. Even so, they usually prefer to feed at night and bite people while they’re sleeping. This is why you can find a bed bug community near your bed.

54- Bed bug picture on a sheet.

55- A bed bug picture taken by a smart phone.

56- This bed bug is probably on its way to home which is a crack or hole. They usually hide under carpets, inside clothes, books, mattresses, pillows, behind pictures and cracks or holes.

57- Bed bug walking on the floor.

58- This bed bug got caught and put into a glass.

59- Another photo of a bed bug.

60- This hook box will show you how big a bed bug is.

61- Bed bug signs in a car’s floor. When you think they hide in your car, you must check under mats, inside seats, trunk, deep and darker corners or glove compartment where they can hide.

62- Two bed bugs. One is a nymph and the other one is an adult. An adult bed bug may reach up to 5 mm size which is not very huge but also not too small. Bed bugs have no wings and they have oval shaped bodies. They also have 2 antennas.

63- A bed bug on a red floor.

64- This bed bug hides under a furniture.

65- Bed bugs have oval-shaped bodies.

66- This bed bug picture should have been shot from a far distance.

67- This bed bug is still alive.

68- Bed bug on a plastic cover.

69- Bed bug on a carpet.

70- A blood sign that a bed bug left behind.

71- This bed bug got caught and put into a bag.

72- A scene they you will never want to meet. These bed bugs on this photo means one single thing: Bed bug invasion.

73- This bed bug is trying to climb on a bed.

74- A bed bug noticed on a mattress.

75- A bed bug put into a bag.

76- All chemicals used against bed bugs!

77- This bed bug is trying to move away from a guy’s view.

78- A bed bug walking on a mattress again.

79- A bed bug crawling on the wall.

80- This isn’t a good picture but still will give you some idea about bed bugs.


You saw a lot of bed bug pictures above. If you still need to know if you have bed bugs in your home, just take your bug’s photo and let us see it. If you coudn’t get a picture, then tell us about the signs in your house.

So, we can tell you if you have bed bugs or you do not. All you have to do is to ask your question via comment section under this post.

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