Where do bed bugs hide / live?

If you have bed bugs at home, you must find first and then kill them all. So what is a natural host for bed bugs and where do bed bugs live?

Understanding bed bugs

Knowing your enemy is the most important thing in a war. Bed bugs are little tough guys which are 1 to 5 mm sized and have oval-shaped bodies.

They do not feed so much until they get hungry and keep hiding for hours or days before they feed again: https://bedbugdetected.com/how-often-do-bed-bugs-feed/

As we explained in the post above, bed bugs leave their hosts only when they need to feed and their feeding routine depends on how hungry they are and how close their targets are.

Where are bed bugs?

If we would talk about a bird, then we would look at a tree for finding its host. But bed bugs prefer to hide while they choose a host. So, their host will always be in a hidden place such as a crack, hole, behind a wall or other dark places.

Because of this, while you are already searching them around, they will keep hiding in theirs hosts without being disturbed by you.

So, let’s take a look at potential hosts where bed bugs live.

where do bed bugs live in nature?

Where do bed bugs live in nature?

Bed bugs won’t like to live in nature. That’s because it’s always hard to survive in nature under tough weather conditions or potential attack of other bugs or animals.

But they are resistance bugs and keep living up to high or very low temperatures: https://bedbugdetected.com/can-bed-bugs-live-outside/

where do bed bugs live?

Where do bed bugs live at home?

There is not a certain list for this, but here are some basic hosts for bed bugs at home:

  • Carpets
  • Clothes
  • Inside books
  • Inside mattresses
  • Inside pillows
  • Behind pictures
  • Cracks
  • Holes
  • Inside walls
  • Inside or behind furniture

Can bed bugs live in your carpet?

It’s a low chance to see bed bugs living in or under a carpet. Because carpets stand in the open and always underfoot.

Bed bugs prefer to keep in places in which they will be totally safe. So, yes, in some cases bed bugs can live in your carpet; but in most, they won’t live.

Even so, if you find the check bed bugs in your carpet, you can look in it or under it. While doing this using a flashlight and search the area very carefully will reduce your possibility of making mistakes.

Can bed bugs live on humans?

No, it’s not possible for bed bugs to live on people. Because if they could live on a human, then this would be noticed by that guy who had bed bugs on.

Bed bugs are very cautious bugs so, where they live and hide is never very much close to people and always out of sight.

will bed bugs live in clothes?

Can bed bugs live in clothes?

The answer is yes and no. It’s a yes when we are talking about clothes staying in a cabin and not worn for a long time.

But when it’s about clothes that we wear or clean often, bed bugs can’t live in it. Even they try to do so, they will be kicked out by washing or ironing.

do bed bugs live on dogs?

Can bed bugs live on dogs and cats?

Just as I mentioned above, bed bugs are cautious creatures and a moving host won’t be their first option.

Bed bugs will feed on human usually; but if they don’t have enough food sources around, they can feed on dogs or cats too.

Even they feed on dogs or cats, they will turn back to their hosts at the first opportunity if they don’t have to stay on them.

Do bed bugs live in pillows?

Can bed bugs live in pillows?

Yes, pillows are ideal places to host as long as they aren’t cleaned and checked regularly. So, what you must do is to check all pillows regularly and wash them at least once a week. This will prevent your pillows to become a host for bed bugs.

do bed bugs live in hair?

Will bed bugs live in your hair?

As we answered this question in another article, it is not even possible for bed bugs to live in your hair or in any part of your body: https://bedbugdetected.com/can-bed-bugs-live-in-your-hair/


As all other bugs at home, bed bugs will keep hiding while you are walking around. So, they need hidden and dark places which are close to you.

Distance of their hosts to you is very important, because they want to turn back to theirs hosts quickly after they fed on you.

Where do bed bugs live? The answer of this question in not a single one. They can live in your mattress, furniture or pillow. They can also live in any crack or hole. When you are doubtful of bed bugs around, you must check every centimeter very carefully: https://bedbugdetected.com/how-to-find-bed-bugs-during-the-day/

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