Why do bed bugs come out only at night?

Are bed bugs sleepwalkers? Sure, they aren’t. So, why do bed bugs come out at night? Why don’t they prefer to walk around in the daytime? Let’s answer these questions all together.

Bed bugs

There are a lot of bugs that can live in our houses including bed bugs: https://bedbugdetected.com/10-bugs-mistaken-for-bed-bugs/

What makes bed bugs different and more disturbing than other bugs is that they bite you!

With a small oval-shaped body which is 1 to 5 mm sized, bed bugs can be seen easily by naked eyes. So, if there are any bed bugs walking at home, you will probably come across them.

Here is a post about their physical properties: https://bedbugdetected.com/how-big-are-bed-bugs/

do bed bugs come out only at night?

What do bed bugs eat?

As every alive, bed bugs need to feed too. They have to feed for living, even so, they are very tough bugs that can keep living even without feeding for months or years: https://bedbugdetected.com/how-long-can-bed-bugs-live-without-feeding/

Bed bugs are not carnivorous nor herbivorous but only blood suckers. They feed by sucking blood from other alive like cats, dogs, bats or human.

When they can reach a human to feed, their first option will always be humans because they really love our blood.

bed bugs feed night

When do bed bugs feed?

All other alive except human being, eat or feed when they feel hungry. We people, do not only eat when we feel hungry but we also eat when we just want to.

For other animals and bugs, feeding is also a dangerous action. When a bed bugs wants to feed, it needs to climb a man or woman and bite it. This will include some risks inside.

A bed bug that wants to feed has to risk its life for reaching its food source and bite it. This means that bed bugs those feed once will not prefer to feed again, unless they feel hungry.

Will bed bugs come out at night?

The answer is not a certain yes, but in most cases, they will prefer to move at nights. This is because night provides them safety.

Bed bugs like night and darkness, because night will provide them two basic advantages:

  • Invisibility
  • Sleeping people

why bed bugs bite night

How bed bugs bite?

This is very important to the answer of the question “Do bed bugs come out at nights?”. Because bed bugs will need stability and inactivity of their targets to feed on them.

They will bite a human and keep sucking its blood only when they are comfortable. As I posted before, they secrete a chemical while biting people which prevents humans to feel the pain when they’re bitten: https://bedbugdetected.com/do-bed-bugs-bite/

So, a person who’s bitten by bed bugs, will not be able to understand it unless there will be some red points hours later after the bite.

Do bed bugs come out at night?

Yes, because you will probably be sleeping at that time and there won’t be any people walking around. So, bed bugs will feel in safe and also you will become a nice target while you don’t move.

when do bed bugs come out?

Do bed bugs come out when the lights are on?

No, this won’t have much effect on bed bugs’ movements. On the contrary, maybe it will make them stay on their hosts. Nevertheless, bed bugs will understand that it’s night and whether the lights are on or off, they will feed on you while you’re sleeping.

Can you see bed bugs in daytime?

Yes, you can see them. But this will be a low possibility. Because daytime is a natural enemy to them which makes people to see bed bugs with naked eyes.

However, they don’t like daytime, they can still walk around if they are very hungry and there is some human around who can’t move a lot like babies or children.


Why do bed bugs come out at night? Because they will feel free to move around and reach their target without worrying about being disturbed in darkness.

They can also feed more comfortable and longer on a person who is sleeping while being bitten by a bed bug.

But this doesn’t mean that they do not come out in daytime. Yes, they will come out in daytime too, but this will only happen if they are very hungry or there are too much bed bugs around.



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