Before beginning a treatment for bed bugs, you must be sure that you have bed bugs. When you can see them around, there is no question about starting a war against bed bugs. But if you can’t see them but have a suspicion about bed bugs, how do you know that you have bed bugs?


Bed bugs are small bugs which are 1 to 5 mm sized in an average. They have no wings and they can’t jump around. But they can walk and crawl. Bed bugs have 6 legs.

Yes I know, these physical features are not enough to be sure if you have bed bugs, because most insects at home have similar physical features:

So, how to be sure about bed bugs?


When you doubt about bed bug existing but you aren’t sure, it means that you have some signs. There can be two kind of signs:

  • You’re bitten by something
  • You see a bug around

Let’s make it clear for both options.


It’s almost impossible to make certain of a bite on your body. What caused it? A bed bug, a flea or a spider?

Best way to define a bed bug bite is to look at another real bed bug bite. Before take a look at photos, some basic symptoms of bed bug bite are below:

  • Bites look like small
  • Bitten area is red
  • It is itchy
  • Bite isn’t painful

Here are some bed bug bites which caused symptoms on human body:


When you see a bug around, first thing you guess might be a bed bug. But you can never be sure, without seeing it closely.

If you have a chance to look at the bug closely, then you can compare it with the real bed bug photos below:very close phote of bed bug


I know this post isn’t detailed enough. But I also know that all those detailed explanations will have no effect on you to be sure about bed bugs.

Because a bed bug bite will have different effects on each case due to the number of bites or sensitivity of the body which is bitten.

I believe that best way to know if you have bed bugs is to compare your bites with other real bed bug bite photos. But even if you do that, you can never be sure by checking your bites, because bug bites are all similar to each other.

And when you see a bed bug around, trying to define it by reading some articles on the web will be useless. Just find some photos of bed bugs and compare your bug with them

All those photos we shared above for bed bugs and their bites should be enough to know if you have bed bugs or you don’t.