How to remove bed bugs from a mattress?

The time you realize that you have bed bugs is the time you start a big battle. Bed bugs are invaders and they can be anywhere if you saw them on somewhere. So, if you have them on your mattress, how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress?

Bed bugs in the house

However, bed bugs are small, they’re still visible to human eyes. If they prefer to walk around in daytime, you can easily see them. Because they have up to 5 mm sized bodies and walk fast which make them more remarkable.

Where do bed bugs hide?

There are several alternatives for bed bugs to hide in a house. The common feature of all those hiding places is they are all away from human eyes. Here are some hiding places for bed bugs:

  • Behind pics
  • Inside books
  • Inside furniture
  • Cracks
  • Holes
  • Under carpets
  • In mattress
  • In pillows
  • Inside nightstands
  • Clutter near sleeping areas
  • Behind window and door casings
  • Around beds

Bed bugs in mattress

When you mean “in mattress” that’s usually under the mattress for bed bugs. Because mattresses do not remove for months or years and this makes them ideal hosts for bed bugs.

If you believe that you’re bitten by bed bugs at nights, mattress should be the first option to check because it’s the nearest place around your sleeping area. Bed bugs can easily come out from under the mattress and bite you while you’re sleeping.

remove bed bugs in mattress

How to find bed bugs in mattress

This is the easiest part of the job. You must just lift up the mattress and check under it. If there are bed bugs, they must be there. You can also check inside your mattress if there are some tears on it.

How to get rid of bed bugs on your mattress?

There are some simple steps that you must follow to get rid of them:

  • Remove your sheets, pillowcases and covers.
  • Vacuum your mattress
  • Use a bed bugs mattress protector

You can follow steps above and they can work. But I suggest you to throw your mattress away and buy a new one. With a new mattress you know there are no bed bugs in it and this makes you feel better.

how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress


When you have bed bugs in your mattress, you must focus on all house immediately. Having bed bugs only in mattress but not in any other places will become a big surprise.

Checking your bed and get rid of bed bugs in mattress is just the beginning and you must make a big search in your house.

Bed bugs multiply fast and they are good hiders. You can check some tips on the post below to fight against bed bugs.

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