Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

There are several ways to fight with bed bugs. You can choose one of tens of natural ways or hire a professional exterminator. Alcohol is one of those ways to fight with them. So, does alcohol kill bed bugs and how to use alcohol against bed bugs?

The war against bed bugs

As I said above, hiring a professional to kill bed bugs is an option and that’s what I suggest you. But if you don’t have budget for it, then you must look for some natural ways.

Here are some natural remedies for bugs:

Alcohol is an option too and let’s look deeper at usage of alcohol against bed bugs.

bed bug at the bottom of the wall

What is alcohol?

Alcohol is produced by fermentation and it is basically a depressant drug. What it does is to slow down the activity of your nervous system and the communication of your body and brain.

Does it do the same impact on bugs? Will alcohol make bed bugs drunk? Probably not. 😊

Which alcohol to use against bed bugs?

I hope you don’t think to use beer or wine against bed bugs. This will be costly and useless. What you must use against bed bugs is rubbing alcohol.

a white rubbing alcohol bottle with %70

Rubbing alcohol against bed bugs

Rubbing alcohol is mixture which has 70 percent of isopropyl in it. It is undrinkable and used in industry for various purposes.

You can use it against bed bugs, but does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

Yes, it will kill bed bugs. You must use at least a 91 percent of isopropyl rubbing alcohol, if you can find it. But if you can’t find it, then you can use lower percent of isopropyl to kill them.

Rubbing alcohol is effective on both bed bugs and their eggs. When alcohol contacts bed bugs’ bodies or eggs, it will immediately kill them.

Rubbing alcohol will also be a repellant to bed bugs for surfaces you spray it on.

rubbing alcohol picture

Which rubbing alcohol should be used against bed bugs?

There are three types of rubbing alcohol including %71 isopropyl, %91 isopropyl and %99 isopropyl. As I told above, %91 isopropyl may be the best option, but %71 isopropyl can be used because it’s cheaper and easy to find. %99 isopropyl must be used only by professional pest exterminators, because it’s dangerous due to its strong alcohol rate.

How to use rubbing alcohol to kill bed bugs?

Before starting the process, you must have bottles to spray rubbing alcohol around. Make your rubbing alcohol spray bottles ready and follow those steps:

  • Vacuum all the house
  • Cover your bed, furniture, electronic goods or clothes with bags or other stuff to prevent them contact with alcohol.
  • Find the possible hideouts of bed bugs.
  • Spray rubbing alcohol into these possible hosts like cracks, holes or walls.
  • Also spray it to their possible ways to move on. For example, if bed bugs will feed on you at nights, they must walk through your bed for this. So, spray around your bed and bottoms of the walls.

How effective is rubbing alcohol for bed bugs?

Rubbing alcohol will help you in two ways:

  • Rubbing alcohol will kill bed bugs and their eggs which directly contacts it.
  • It will stop bed bugs to walk around and repel them from you.

So, rubbing alcohol is an effective way to fight with bed bugs. But it has disadvantages too.

Rubbing alcohol can cause fire

Rubbing alcohol with its isopropyl in it is flammable. When you spread rubbing alcohol around, you must be sure there is no fire around.

If you have kids at home, they may achieve any fire like matches or lighters and think twice before using rubbing alcohol against bed bugs.

Can rubbing alcohol stop bed bugs?

Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs? Yes, it does.

Can rubbing alcohol stop bed bugs? Maybe.

There are two main disadvantages to use rubbing alcohol for bed bugs. First, it won’t be an exact solution, because it’s almost impossible to reach every single bed bug around and you need to force bed bugs to contact rubbing alcohol directly.

Second, it’s dangerous to use. Rubbing alcohol is very flammable and it will flame quickly after a contact of fire by anyway.

My final advice for you is to not use it as a repellent or lethal for bed bugs. Flammable things such as alcohol should only be used by professional exterminators.

Otherwise, you can have more serious problems like a fire at home, instead of a bed bug invasion.

If you are looking for a natural remedy, i suggest you use diatomaceous earth:

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