Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

So you are ready to even rub the Alcohol on the bed to get rid of the Bed Bugs. This means that this is now above the limits. You should be seriously tackling this problem. Otherwise, this can be a problematic issue for you. Many solutions are available on the internet but not all of those can be implemented as some of those are not effective the others can be reactive in a negative way. Destroying the furniture and the staff will destroy money resources and time.  

Is Alcohol is really effective against the Bed Bugs

You want to know the answer in a single word then it is YES. But you should know the proper mechanism to apply it? The application of this in the wrong way can be problematic for you. The alcohol application will not only kill the bed bugs but it will even destroy the eggs of the bed bugs. Even then this application is not recommended but why let’s find it out. 

The mechanism of the killing

Alcohol is a lethal weapon against bed bugs. It kills and it kills badly. This lethal weapon kills the bed bugs in two ways. First, it will destroy the outer shell of the bed bugs. Secondly, it will make them dehydrate and kill them completely. 

Man don’t be in a hurry this is not all the alcohol can do with bed bugs. The alcohol will definitely eliminate its eggs. The eggs are destroyed in the same way as the parents are eliminated. The eggshells are vaporized due to the separation of alcohol and it dehydrates from inside. An additive feature of alcohol is that it is easily available. You can buy it from any drug store.

Such a lethal weapon against the bedbugs then why it is not recommended. 

Why is alcohol not recommended?

The problem is with the application of alcohol. The alcohol should be separated directly from the bed bugs. Otherwise, it will not perform the magic for you. You know well that it will not be a possibility. This is the reason that we do not recommend you to use alcohol. 

you will never be able to reach there the hideouts of the bed bugs. This can be as narrow as the crack in the furniture and as widely separated as the books on your shelves. Will you be able to spray in the electrical switches? Certainly, this is not possible this is the reason we do not recommend you to use alcohol as a killer to bed bugs

The productivity rate of the bed bugs

This is under the problem and it is also a problem itself. 250 eggs are the average what a female can lay. Yes, this is a really huge quantity. So if you spray even though it is not a possibility but again assume that you separate directly on the bed bugs. Even then they will again reappear as the eggs hatched. So the alcohol cannot be effective against such a huge population.

Highly flammable

This is the most important reason because of which you should not use it. A bad incident happened in 2017. when a woman completely stock and furniture into alcohol so that she can get rid of the bed bugs. Unfortunately, it never happened. The thing happens in entirely that way which can never be even imagined. A candle dropped on the furniture. As the furniture is highly flammable. Due to this reason, it was soaked in alcohol. The fire blew out and this completely burned out the house. 

No doubt that it eliminates bed bugs. But unfortunately, the complete house was also destroyed.

If alcohol is not working then what else

Till now you have understood that alcohol is not going to help you with the problem of bed bugs. Then what else can be done to get rid of the problem of bed bugs.

  • The in-depth and deep washing of the cloth can help. Drying is more important in the process of eliminating bed bugs than washing. So give some time for your bed bug to die in the process of dying. The temperature of the dryer should be over 120 Fahrenheit. If you want to measure the temperature in Celsius then it will be below 40 degrees centigrade.
  • Yes, I know that some articles cannot be washed and dried. Like jewelry, books, and shoes. So if you cannot wash it, freeze it. but you need to freeze it below zero degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature must be below – 18 degrees centigrade.
  • Use the bug proof cover for the pillows, blankets, and other things. 
  • Bed bug replicators should be applied. The best place to locate these replicators is at the legs of the bed.
  • Sometimes we can’t make our blog freeze or dry. In this case, we can do another trick. This trick can easily be done. It is really very simple. Take a garbage bag. Put all your belongings in it. Once you put it in the bag, close it by its opening. Not blessed where the temperature is high. After some time the bed bugs will be killed in the bag or they run away from there.
  • The bad thing about the bed bug has a tremendous survival rate. So they may survive even for four to five months in the bag without the food. This is really important to keep the bag away for a long time.
  • Secondly, you should put a good amount of pesticides in the bag. Otherwise, this will not work for you.

Final words

If you do not want to do all this heavy work. Which of course you don’t know will even pay off or not. Then do a simple thing: hire a professional for doing this job. Believe me that it will do it in a great fashion for you.