Does Borax Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Borax Kill Bed Bugs?

The people who are affected by the bed bugs tried many tricks to get rid of the bad bugs. Some of these are really effective. Even some home remedies are good. Borax is one of them. This is really very effective. This can be used to get rid of the bed bugs.

Many treatments are popular to get rid of bed bugs on the internet.  But not all of them are really effective. Let us find out if borax is an effective treatment for bed bugs or not.

Procedure To Apply Borax For Killing Bed Bugs

If you ask me in the first glimpse vs the body is an effective treatment for bed bugs.  but if you will not apply it according to the set procedure you will not be able to get the desired results. Therefore it is important and necessary to understand the procedure step by step so that you can get the maximum benefit of the borax as well as the time applied.

Step I

Remove all the bedsheets from the specific bad you need to remove the bed bugs. Sprinkle the borax on the bed mattress.

Step II

Now is the time to saturate the surface. You will not be able to do it unless or until you will apply water on it. A good quality of the water is necessary to sprinkle on the borax. This can easily be done with the help of a plastic spray bottle. Once you sprinkle the water on the borax the suffocation process will start. This application will kill all the bed bugs.

Step III

This process will kill the bed bugs on your mattress. But this may not be effective against the bedsheets and blankets you usually use. Even if the minor quantity of the bedbugs remains there. The bed bugs are known to reproduce at a very high rate. They will again reappear on your mattress and bite you.

To avoid this type of situation it is highly recommended that you wash the blankets and the bedsheets. The washing should be done in the hot water solution of borax. In this way, your bed sheets and blankets will also sterilize.

How Much Time Will Boric Acid Take To Kill  The Bed Bugs

This depends on different factors. The most important of them is the concentration of boric acid. Usually we use two different concentrations to kill the bed bugs. less than or equal to 0.5 % or more than or equal to 1% concentration of boric acid.

  • If you use the concentration of boric acid 0.5 % or less to kill the bedbugs then it will take about 8 days to get rid of these.
  • If your concentration is higher than 1% then it will take around five days to get rid of these bed bugs.

Alternative Of Boric Acid To Kill The Bed Bugs

you can find many people who think that these three substances are helpful in killing the bedbugs

  • Foggers
  • Bombs
  • traditional sprays

Let me tell you very clearly. whether these are effective at a very limited level all these are not effective at all.

therefore do not put so much effort on this and do not waste your time and money.

If you are looking for a substitute then the diatomaceous earth is a good option as an Substitute.

How To Apply Diatomaceous Earth

The application of this is simple more or less like the application of boric acid. What you need to do is just sprinkle it on the affected areas. if you have any problem in your carpet that you can even speak later on your property even under your carpet.

How Long Will It Take To Kill The Bed Bugs

As we have already seen that in the case of boric acid it depends on the concentration of the solution . Even then it will take minimum 5 and maximum 8 days to complete the process of the killing of bed bugs. In the case of the Diatomaceous Earth It will take much longer. The time needed for the substance is minimum 7 and maximum 17 days. although the process is slow but the effect will be long lasting.

If you want you can never leave it under the carpet and around the furniture. This will keep the bugs away from you

2 Easy Tricks To Keep Away The Bed Bugs

One of these two may be expensive for you but this will take away the worry with you.

  • Throw away all the affected material. This include old furniture and bed mattresses
  • II is relatively less expensive and this is to wash properly e the infected material with hot are cold temperature but in the extreme.

 Things To Do After You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Once you are successful in getting rid of the bed bugs. Try that you should not have to do the same process again. This is something which can be achieved by keeping the bed bugs away. Below are some useful techniques that you can use to keep them away.

  • Make it a routine to to sprinkle around borax diatomaceous Earth. This will keep the bed bugs away.
  • The bedsheets and the bed lining both should be cleaned properly. If you do so at an extreme temperature that is either cold or hot it will bring good results.
  • That furniture should be cleaned properly in routine. This can properly be done with the help of a steamer.
  • The general cleaning of the house is really important. The clean house to be affected by the bugs.

Final Words

The bed bug problem is not the only thing that this substance can solve for you. The other problems that can be solved with it is it can easily remove the rust for you. This can also solve the refrigerator problem of the deodorize for you.