Does borax kill bed bugs?

When it’s about bed bugs, every remedy is accepted including natural ways like borax. So, does borax kill bed bugs and how effective is it against them?

How to know if you have bed bugs?

Most of the time, when you realize that you have bed bugs is when you are already bitten. It’s hard to know you have bed bugs without any signs because they are small sized and prefer to walk around at nights.

But this doesn’t mean they are invisible. Bed bugs are visible to human and they can be seen with naked eye:

If you are in doubt about bed bugs, you must search a bug with those physical features:

  • 1 to 5 mm sized
  • Flatted and oval-shaped
  • 6 legs and 2 antennas
  • Mostly reddish-brown and close to red after recently fed
  • Has no wings
  • Not jumping around

a bed bugs feeding on a human body

What is borax?

Borax is a white dust which is dissolved in water and a natural mineral. It’s also known as sodium borate and it’s a boric acid

Borax is used in several products like hand soaps, some toothpastes and laundry boosters. So, let’s look where it’s used usually.

Use of borax

Borax has a large variety of use in cleaning products and industry. It’s used for:

  • Glass and ceramics
  • Household cleaners
  • Teeth products
  • Chemistry
  • Steel and iron industry

white borax dust

Will borax kill bed bugs?

The answer is simply, yes! Borax is a useful remedy for bed bugs. What makes it an option is it’s easy to use.

So, how to use it against bed bugs and how it kills them?

How to use borax for bed bugs?

Spread borax dust to all possible ways and places of bed bugs. You must sprinkle it to all cracks, holes and hiding places of them.

What you’re trying to do is to force them walk away on the borax. You must let bed bugs to contact borax.

The way to this is sprinkle a lot of borax around and not to leave them any escape way from borax. Spread it around your bed, furniture and bottom of the walls.

bed bugs together on the bottom of a wooden wall

How borax kills bed bugs?

It kills bed bugs as the same way diatomaceous earth does:

Bed bugs won’t eat borax but, when they contact it, it will affect their bodies. Borax dust will stick on bed bugs’ bodies and cause dehydration on them. After borax dehydrates bed bugs, they will die soon.

an x-ray view of a bed bug

Is borax safe to use for bed bugs?

When you decide to use anything against bed bugs, you must always be careful about it. Safety is first!

Borax is a safe remedy to use. It won’t cause any problems normally. But take care of things below:

  • If you have kids at home, do not let them eat the borax
  • Be sure your pets do not eat it
  • Prevent powerful air flows
  • Prevent inhalation of borax

However, borax is one of the most natural remedies for bed bugs, I always suggest you ask your doctor about borax before using it.

Borax vs bed bugs

There are a lot of natural remedies for bed bugs:

Borax is one of those and probably one of the safest ways. It’s not a certain solution and maybe it doesn’t always work.

But it deserves to be an option because it’s easy to find and use it and it’s cheap to get it. You just need to wait for a few days after spreading it around and see the results.

The most important thing about using borax is that you should know how it kills bed bugs. Bed bugs won’t eat borax and you must force them to contact borax.

Be sure that there is no space without borax in their possible routes and hosts. Remember that they must go feeding for surviving and they can’t keep staying in their hidings forever.

So, does borax kill bed bugs? Yes, probably. But it will take a time and you must be patient.

Here are some other homemade remedies for bed bugs:

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