Does vinegar kill bed bugs?

When it’s about fighting with the bed bugs, vinegar may become an option too. Because this war against bed bugs is a long-term war and many natural ways are accepted for that. So, what is vinegar and how it helps to get rid of bed bugs?

What is vinegar?

Vinegar is an acetic acid and used for several purposes. It’s an aqueous solution which is produced by fermentation of some fruits and vegetables like grape, apple, quince or juniper.

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Natural remedies for bed bugs

First option against be bugs should always be a professional support. But this will cost a lot and if you want to have a shot with some homemade remedies, there are several ways for that.

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 Will vinegar kill bed bugs?

bed bugs in a car's door

Yes, vinegar will kill bed bugs when it’s directly used on them because it’s a kind of acetic acid. Acetic acid will be enough to kill them. But there is still a problem: What about bed bugs you couldn’t find!

Will vinegar help you to get rid of bed bugs?

No, it won’t help in most cases. I know I told you above that it will kill bed bugs and now, I’m saying that it wont help you to get rid of them. Is this a paradox?

It’s not a paradox, but it’s the reality. Because killing bed bugs and getting rid of them are different things.

Bed bugs reproduce rapidly ( and killing them one by one won’t help you. What you must do is to find a whole solution against them.

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Which vinegar should be used for bed bugs?

After you find them, you will need a vinegar. Those types of vinegar can be used for bed bugs:

  • Apple vinegar
  • Grape vinegar
  • Quince vinegar
  • All other vinegars

How to use vinegar to stop bed bugs

bed bug on clothes

If you want to use it, you must find them first. Bed bugs hide in places like cracks, holes, furniture, clothes or cabinets.

For killing bed bugs, you must follow recommendations below:

  • Find a spray bottle
  • Drain the vinegar into the spray bottle
  • Spray vinegar to every single cracks, holes and other possible hosts for bed bugs


bed bug on matress

If I need to be honest, I do not suggest you use vinegar for bed bugs. It will probably be a waste of time.

This is because it won’t kill every single bed bug at your home and sometimes it doesn’t kill them even if you use vinegar directly on bed bugs.

Those kind of natural remedies like using vinegar or carbonate shouldn’t be the main way to get rid of bed bugs.

Vinegar can be used as a supportive way to your main plan against them. You must always remember that fighting against bed bugs need some professionalism and use of a few methods together.

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