Does cold kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tough creatures, so they can adapt to such conditions like hot or cold. But will cold kill bed bugs? Can bed bugs keep living under very cold temperatures?

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small bugs which can be recognized by those physical features:

  • They are 1 to 5 mm length
  • Have oval shaped bodies
  • Flatted
  • Mostly reddish brown (Red when recently fed)
  • Have no wings
  • Have 6 legs and 2 antennas

For more information about what they look like, you can check this post:

Bed bugs and hot temperatures

Most of you know that heat is used as a treatment for bed bugs at home. There are a lot of kind of heaters which is used at home.

Bed bugs easily adapt in different temperatures. But there is still a limit for they keep living in higher temperatures.

They can live well between 45°F and 100°F. What will make them die is the heat over 113°F. It’s almost impossible to have a temperature over 113°F by natural ways.

So, if you can create an environment with a temperature of higher than 113°F by using a heater, then bed bugs won’t be able to stay alive.

How cold to kill bed bugs?

ice mold in a freezer

First you must know that natural cold outside will not kill bed bugs. Because bed bugs can easily survive up to 45°F and they will push their chances under it.

Bed bugs will start dying in extreme colds like under 0°F.

How to kill bed bugs with cold?

an ice illustration

As you see, it’s almost impossible to kill bed bugs by cold when they are in their natural habitat like at home or your car.

What you must do is to use a freezer to kill them and you can do this only by getting some stuff into a freezer.

Here are some items that you can put into a freeze to get rid of bed bugs inside them:

  • Books
  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Pictures
  • Toys
  • Other stuff which won’t be affected by cold

Can you freeze bed bugs?

a freezer with stuff inside

You must pick all those items together and put them into a freezer which has a temperature under 0°F.

What you must do after this is to wait for a few days to make sure that all bed bugs inside are dead.


Yes, freezing bed bugs will kill them. But this is not an effective way to get rid of bed bugs. Because what you can achieve by freezing some items is only to get rid of bed bugs which are already inside those items.

But this won’t make any impact against other bed bugs at home and hidden around. This way should be used only for those items which you believe have bed bugs inside.

Or you can use dry cleaning for such stuff which are affected by bed bugs:

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