Will hair dryer kill bed bugs?

We all know that it’s hard to fight against bed bugs. Because they’re tough and resistant creatures. That’s why we try anything we have in our fight against them. So in this fight, can hair dryer help us or does hair dryer kill bed bugs?

About bed bugs

Bed bugs have oval-shaped bodies and they’re 1 to 5 mm sized. You can check this post in which you can see what they look like: https://bedbugdetected.com/what-is-bed-bug-and-how-it-lives/

You can also see tens of pictures of bed bugs in this post, so you can meet them closer: https://bedbugdetected.com/bed-bug-pictures-and-photos/

How to kill bed bugs?

You have two main ways to kill bed bugs: Natural remedies or chemicals. In most cases both two ways will not work because bed bugs are very resistant against lots of chemicals or natural remedies.

Sure, there are la lot of chemicals those will help you to kill bed bugs; but most of them won’t help until they directly contact bed bugs. The problem is that it’s hard to find them in your house.

But we posted an article about how to kill them and analyzed lots of things to kill bed bugs, you can check this post for more information: https://bedbugdetected.com/how-to-kill-bed-bugs/

hair dryer bed bugs

Will hair dryer work against bed bugs?

The number one enemy of bed bugs is heat with no doubt. Bed buds can’t survive under temperatures higher than 113°F which makes heat treatment a good way to kill bed bugs.

When a hair dryer works it will reach a temperature of 100°F to 200°F which will usually be enough to kill bed bugs.

bed bugs in your body

Is hair dryer effective against bed bugs?

You got the answer of the main question above and know that a hair dryer can kill bed bugs but is it an effective way for bed bugs?

It’s absolutely not effective because you have to use it against a bed bug directly into its body and you need to find it first to do this. Believe me, in most cases, finding bed bugs will be the hardest part of this battle.

hair dryer use bed bugs


When it’s about killing bed bugs, you can name a lot of things including hair dryer, bleach or ironing. But killing bed bugs is the easiest thing in this war if you could find them.

So, the best way to fight against bed bugs is the way in which you do not have to find them personally like a professional heat treatment or using diatomaceous earth around.

You can check posts below to see how much it costs to have a professional bed bug treatment in U.S. and how diatomaceous earth works in your house:



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