Do Carpet Beetles Get In Your Bed? – Carpet Beetle s Vs Bed Bug

Before answering the most frequently asked question, “do carpet beetles get inside the bed?” We must have more information on carpet beetles.

  • These insects have a set of wings, antennae and six legs.
  • They are oval and its colour is black. They come with orange-red scales and stripes.
  • Carpet beetles grow to be approximately ⅛ inches.
  • They come with bulgy, round eyes and a hidden bead.
  • They get their name from the attraction that they have towards carpets.
  • They love basements, inside walls and attics where they can easily find old nets as well as carcasses of sliders and dead insects.
  • When they are outside, they try to find rodents and old bird nests to live in.
  • While mating, they also feed on nectar and pollen.
  • Carpet beetles also feed on fabrics, various plants, furs, hair and flowers.
  • They gain entry inside your house through the flowers and plants that you bring inside your house.
  • They can also enter through crevices and cracks in foundations, gaps around the utility entrances and holes inside windows or near doors.

It’s likely that humans can become allergic to the larval hairs of the carpet beetles. When the hair is inhaled, it causes lung irritation. That’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t let them inside your house. Carpet beetles feed on animal and plant materials and they tend to damage fabric, feathers and fur. That means, they will likely feed on your carpets, furniture, curtains and clothing. The grown beetles don’t usually cause a lot of damage.

Coming back to the actual question; do carpet beetles live inside beds? They will feed on your fabrics inside and around the bed but they don’t exactly live inside your bed, the way bed bugs can. Most people often confuse carpet beetles with bed bugs. That’s why it’s essential to know the difference between both of them.

Carpet beetle Vs bed bug – What’s the difference between them?

  • Carpet beetle Vs bed bug bites:

Carpet beetle larvae do not bite. However, because of their larval hairs that are prickly, they can give you an itchy, red rash. On the other hand, bed bugs tend to feed on the blood and they will give you itchy, red welts. While comparing the Carpet beetle dermatitis vs bed bug bites, you’ll see that the carpet beetle bites leave a burning sensation.

  • Carpet beetle size Vs bed bug:

When you compare a black carpet beetle Vs bed bug, you’ll find out that both are very small. However, carpet beetles are smaller. Being the smallest out of the two, it has an average size of 1/8th inch lengthwise. However, the bed bug is approximately 1/4th inch long.

  • carpet beetle cast skin vs bed bug skin

While comparing the carpet beetle cast skin vs bug skin, you’ll see that carpet beetles have prickly hair, compound eyes and scales. Bed bugs don’t look like this.

They look quite similar to Apple seeds and they have legs. The difference between the carpet beetle shell vs bed bug shell will help you identify which of these pests have entered your house. The carpet beetle has yellow-brown and white scales along with hair tufts on its back. On the other hand, a bed bug has a reddish-brown colour and the shape is oval, like an apple seed.

  • Carpet beetle eggs vs bed bug eggs:

Carpet beetles usually live outdoors. They are found in places where they can easily lay and place their eggs. If you take a look at carpet beetle vs bed bug pictures, you’ll the visible difference, yourself.

Other differences and similarities between black carpet beetle vs beg bug:

Moreover, a behaviour difference is that carpet beetles feed on material substances like woollen, carpet fabric and other materials. While beetles only feed on blood. Both have flat and small bodies that slow them to fit into little spaces that have a credit card’s width. They bite at night and feed during the day. Their hide in mattress rubbing, carpets, behind the headboard, bed clothing, behind wall coverings and baseboards. A bed bug lives close to animals and humans. While carpet beetles can live in warehouses, outdoors, museums and houses. They usually find their food source outdoors.

grown beetles

Carpet beetles and bed bugs are both problematic. The only way you get rid of them is to have a pest technician inspect your house and ensure that’s it’s safe. They provide you with effective, safe and professional solutions. Give a call to the professional’s pest inspectors in your area. Such specialists are highly trusted and trained. They know the exact ways to eliminate these pests from your house. They will also tell you ways to eliminate all the entry points in your house that give access to beg bug and carpet beetles.


Are you unsure of what you have in your bed – a carpet beetle or bed bug?

Pest control service for houses is often required to make sure that there is proper identification of the insect type. That way, they can help you figure out which pest you’re dealing with and will take a look at how you treat your home. Since 1925, American pest specialists are always ready to serve you with these brilliant pest art management skills. Usually, these companies have more than a hundred employees that include a bed bug inspection team, certified technicians and entomologists. If you are also in need of a bed bug service, you can contact a well-known company to help you detect and solve the problems regarding these pests.

As you can see, it’s not likely that a carpet nettle will choose to live inside your bed. With the help of these differences, you can help to identify the pest and take necessary action to eradicate them.