Do Bed Bugs Kill You?

Bed bugs are a problem that is not faced by animals or humans only. Actually, humans and animals share a common trait and this common trait is the presence of blood. Bed bugs live in the blood of humans and animals. To take the food that is the blood the bed bugs try to approach the human or the animal. The bed bugs bite unnoticed. This is the reason that they appear at night when the animals and the human sleep and the light disappear.

Do Bed Bugs Kill You?

The answer is yes the bed bugs may kill you. The bites the bed bugs are many and occur again and again may create serious medical conditions. Generally, these are not very dangerous to create serious medical concerns. But if the wound may become infected this will create a problem for the victim of the bed bugs

If after being infected the proper take care of the infected wound is not done properly. The death of the victim may occur due to bed bug bites.

As the bedbugs manage to take the food in the form of blood. They moved back to the place they hide and live. Usually, these places are dark and very narrow spaces. These spaces are so narrow that they can be saved there for multiple days. These are so many strong animals that they can live here for multiple days even without the food. 


The size of the bedbugs is so small they can be only 7 millimeters long at the maximum. The minimum size of a baby bedbug can be as small as 1 millimeter.  Their small size is a reason that it is really difficult to get bed bugs. The bedbugs can even survive in the different treatments that are being done to get rid of the bed bugs. These different treatments are being done by professionals. Some people eleven try it by themselves but it is really difficult to apply these treatments against bed bugs due to several reasons. These reasons include

  1. The bed bugs are really small in size
  2. The hideouts of the bedbugs are narrow and it is difficult to reach that narrow places to kill the bed bugs
  3. The Bed bugs can survive in these narrow places for a very long period even without food. This longer period may be several months. 
  4. So even if you treat the place with the chemical. The bed bugs can hide easily in narrow places and will reappear again as the effect of the treatment becomes weak and gradually disappear,
  5. The reproduction rate of the bed bug is very high. The female bed bug can lay down several hundred eggs, as these lay down several hundred eggs so even if all the living bed bugs are killed in a living area. They can again appear from the eggs after some time. Therefore this is important to kill the eggs too. If these remain alive the species of the bed bugs may rise again from the ashes. 

Can bed bug bite lead to infections?

Bed bug bites can cause secondary infections if the bites are scratched and bacteria enter the skin. Symptoms of a secondary infection may include:

    • Pain
    • Redness
    • Swelling
    • Pus-filled blisters

What To Do If Medical Care Is Not Available

Suppose you are alone at your home and medical care is not available at your home. You can’t even wait to go out, an appointment with a doctor, or take medicine from a pharmacy. Several things may create problems and this may be difficult for you to reach the doctor or call the medical aid at your home. 

These are the things that you can do while waiting for medical care.

I- Observe

The first thing is to observe the location of the wound. Look at it may be difficult to look at it as these may appear at your back. Try to get the help of the mirror. Observe the location and the condition of the bed bug bites very keenly and closely. 

II- Apply The Soap

The next thing is to apply the soap to the wounds. But before applying the soap to it first wet the wound slightly. Once the wound is wet slightly now apply the soap to it. If you have antiseptic soap available with you in your house try to use that on your wounds. This will help more in killing the germs of the wounds. This will not only stop the infestation in the wound but will also help in speedy recovery by eliminating the germs. 

III- The Water Application

The next is to apply water to these wounds. This will flow away from the soap from the wounds of the victim. If you apply lukewarm water this will be more helpful for the recovery of the wounds. The slight war water also provides you with a southern effect too. If you have the antiseptic liquid available with you. Add it to the water too. This will not only kill the germs but will also eliminate the slight infection if it occurs inside your wounds.

IV- What If a Bed Bug Bites a baby

If the victim of the bite is the baby. Then it requires sudden medical attention very soon. if you delay in giving attention to this it will create a problem for the baby. To avoid the problem for the babies check the sheet of the babies. If these are infected change these.

Secondly, if the treatment is needed ask the pediatrician. If the kid is very small ask for medical assistance. Medical assistance from the professional will stop further complications that may occur due to the bed bug white.bedbug bite on neck

V- What to do Instantaneously

Suppose you are the parent of the baby or the caretaker of the baby. Then you need to do some tasks very soon.

Change the cloth of the kid or the baby. There may be a possibility that the bed bug is still in the clothes of the kid. This will continuously bite the child. Next is to wash the bites instantaneously. Try to use the antiseptic soap with lukewarm water. If you add the antiseptic liquid to the water this will further reduce the itching in the wound of the patient.

Final Words

The bed bugs are small but may create bug problems for the victims. This is the reason that we advise you to, take care of these as early as possible. Because if they will get time to remain in your home for a certain period of time these will make life difficult for you. So to remain on the safer side call professional care as soon as you discover the bed bugs in your house. Although bed bugs are generally not very dangerous in some cases, these are the ones because which the death of the victim may occur.   


Is it OK to sleep with bed bugs?

To make remediation easier, it’s advisable to contain the bed bug infestation in as few rooms as possible. Avoid changing rooms or sleeping on the couch as this could lead to spreading the infestation to other areas of your home. It’s better to continue sleeping in your bedroom after identifying a bed bug infestation.

What happens if bed bugs go untreated?

Ignoring bed bugs will worsen the issue as infestations don’t disappear on their own. A single bed bug can lay up to 200 eggs, leading to rapid growth in untreated infestations. The more extensive the infestation, the higher the chances of getting bitten by bed bugs.

“Bed bugs are the ultimate hitchhikers, silently traveling with us on our journeys and leaving a trail of discomfort and distress.”