Do bed bugs kill you?

Earlier on this website, I posted articles about how to kill bed bugs. But today we have a different question from opposite direction: Can bed bugs kill you?

What is a bed bug?

Bed bug is a kind of insect which is 1 to 5 mm sized, oval-shaped and has 6 legs with no wings. Here is a post about what they look like to human eye:

How do bed bugs harm you?

While some insects sting you or some just walk on your body without any actions, others prefer to bite. Bed bugs are blood-fed insects and they need to bite you to feed on.

While bed bugs are biting any human, they secrete a chemical into their victim’s body, and you don’t feel anything while you’re being bitten by them.

are bed bugs dangerous?

Can bed bugs be dangerous?

Before answering this question, you need to define the word “danger”. If we are talking about a kind of discomfort that will disturb you at all those days and nights, yes bed bugs are dangerous.

But if you mean to be “sick to death” or “die after a bit” by the word of danger, no they are not dangerous.

bed bug bites

What do bed bug bites cause?

We posted about bed bug bites before:

As you will see in that post, bed bug bites will have some signs. Their bites will cause small, itchy, red bitten areas.

These bitten areas will be very itchy and disturb you. If you scratch those areas, they will turn into lesions.

bed bug bitten body

Can bed bug bites kill you?

The answer is certainly “no”. They can’t even get close to kill you. Here are the main results of bed bug bites:


Can bed bugs kill you? No, they can’t. Because they’re not poisoned insects or anything close to that. What they cause is basically a long-time process of discomfort and a war of nerves!

They will multiply easily, hide well and you will feel nothing while being bitten by bed bugs on your mattress in the middle of your sleep. Then you will try to find them and they will be already gone.

This kind of a war is something worse than to be poisoned by a spider. When you are poisoned and treated fast, you leave that spider behind you and keep living.

Bed bugs won’t accept to be left behind so easily. So, bed bugs won’t kill you but you must be ready to face a long-term war against them.

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