Do bed bugs bite?

Why you don’t want bugs at home is because of two reasons: They’re disgusting and they can harm you. So do bed bugs bite people? How do they harm you?

Bed bugs info

We posted an article about what bed bugs look like earlier:

As you will see there; bed bugs are 1 to 5 mm sized, they have oval-shaped and flatted body, they don’t have any wings and you can see them with naked eyes.

How do bed bugs feed?

Bed bugs are blood-fed creatures and they feed by sucking blood. However, they can feed on animals like bats, birds or dogs; their first option is always human beings.

What they need to do for sucking your blood is simply biting you. Yes, they bite you and suck your blood.

bed bug bites

How do bed bugs bite?

For biting a human, they first need to climb on him or her. Once they climbed on you, they will just bite your body.

When bed bugs bite, they also secrete a chemical which prevents you to feel the pain. So, in most cases, even if you are awake and being bitten by a bed bug, you might not be able to know it.

Signs bed bug bites

Signs of bed bug bites will often occur in a few hours or days after they bit you. Basic signs of a bed bug bite are below:

  • Bite is small
  • İt is itchy
  • Probably no feel during bitten
  • Red bite area

can bed bugs bite

How to know if you have bed bug bites

I know I told you the signs of bed bug bites above, but they are not always enough to make sure of bed bug bites.

Because most bug bites will resemble. So, you will need some other evidences to name it. Here we posted about it before:

You must make some extra research and then decide about this issue. Bites must be judged with other signs at home.


Do bed bugs bite? Yes, they do and will. Because they need food for living, and their main food source is blood.

They have to bite you first to start sucking your blood. What’s interesting with bed bug bites is that you will probably no realize the bite while bed bug is bleeding you because of a chemical they secrete during biting.

But after a while if you realize that you have little red itchy bites, you must be in doubt about the existing of bed bugs around and start a detailed research at home.

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