How To Check For Bed Bugs In A Hotel?


Do you know that you are not alone? An unseen companion is with you in your hotel room. You will not meet this companion soon. It will appear when you fall asleep. It comes at night and disappears in the dark. You will never be able to see him. But your companion will leave its love mark on you. These love marks will appear on your body. In the form of rashes. The reason is that it bites you and sucks your blood. 

If you think that it will leave you alone. When you left the hotel room and reached your home. You are completely thinking wrong. It will wrap itself in one of your luggage even if it can be stuck with your cloth and will come back with you to your home. While reaching your home it will start the reproduction cycle, lay eggs, and multiply colonies. 

Then it will try to live forever with you.  

You need to make a lot of effort in order to get rid of these once they enter your house. This is the reason that you should have to avoid it in the first place. The way to avoid these are simple and this is to find if your hotel room has bed bugs or not. If these have bed bugs then you should leave the room if you cannot avoid the room then simple sprays are available or you can simply make some of your own with the help of the essential oil. 

Let us first describe to you the process to inspect the room first and then we will discuss some of the ways that can help you to identify if your hotel room has bugs or not.

How to Find If the Room has the Bed Bugs or Not

  • Welcome to the Room

As soon as you enter the room you are at risk of being infected with bed bugs. The first thing is that you must save your luggage first. You can be bitten by the bed bug but this is something that will happen at night. The rash will appear but remain on your body for three to four days after this will disappear. 

But once the bed bugs will find a place in their luggage these will remain in the luggage for a longer period of time. Move from place to place, infect all the places you travel, and finally reach home. 

  • Take Care of your Luggage

This is the reason first you should protect your luggage from bed bugs. But the question is where you will put your luggage if you will not put the luggage in your room. 

Find a rack in the room that is made of steel or iron rods. If you don’t find a place like that then put your luggage in the bathtub. Make sure that the bathtub must not be wet and is completely dry. Put the luggage there and then start to inspect the room.

  • Arrange the Flash Light

Now is the time to check the bed for the insect bed bug. You need a torch for this. You must be thinking about how you will arrange the torchlight in the hotel room. Don’t worry nowadays nearly every cellular phone has a torch or flashlight. You can use these as handy as any light. What’s the availability of the light is confirmed. This is the time to inspect the bed.

  • The Bed Inspection

You need to make the bed ready for inspection. For this, make it empty. You can make it empty easily. All you need to do is just simply put away all the blankets on the bed. Although you can see the bed sheet with the naked eye, I recommend that you use your flashlight. To find out if there are any bed bugs on your bed or not. Look at the upper corners of the bed. You may find some at the base of the spring. Maybe some can find the space created by the spring. 

You can find these in the form of the black spot. The eggs and the skeleton of the bed bugs leave the mark on the bed mattress. In case if you find any spots of bed bugs do tell the hotel staff. That you need to change the room as this room is not fit for you to use. Be sure that you must check all the corners of the mattress. If you miss any this can create a problem for you. 

  •  Check the Curtains

The next step is to check the curtains. You may find it hidden in the curtain folds. You may find it here. Secondly, look for the same spots as you find it with the help of your flashlight.

  • Check the Furniture

Next is the thing to inspect the furniture. The furniture is needed to be examined accurately. Check the foam of the chairs. Look for the foldings especially look for the folding that is under the wood. Then check for the small cracks if there are any on the furniture. This is easy for you to examine. These cracks. If there are cracks the chances are high that you may find the bed bugs here. Try to use your flashlight to locate the bed bugs fully and completely. 

What If You Cannot Change The Room

If this is not possible for you to change the room then you may use when of the scents to keep away the bed bugs. We have written a complete article on it. You may use any of these to keep the bed bugs away during the night. For your interest, I will discuss here the top choices with maximum efficacy. 

How to keep the bed bugs away

you can use the simple oils the natural ones that can keep the bed bugs away from your bed. The most natural ingredient in this regard is Neem. You can use the leaves of the Neem. Put some leaves in your bag. This will keep away the bed bugs from your bed. You can apply a second technique. This second technique is to use Neem oil. 

Put some Neem oil in a plastic bottle with some water and sprinkle it on the bed. In this way, you will completely remain safe. Even doors that you are in a room which is actually full of bed bugs.

The next remedy is the lemon simply add some water to the freshly cut lemon. Two to three lemons are enough now spray this solution on the bed mattress this will keep away the bed bugs from you. If possible put some Neem leaves at the base of the four legs of the bed. This will provide you the temporary relief and will keep the bed bugs away from you. The next day you can change the room.

Final Words

Although the small one but the bed bugs is really difficult to handle. And if by bad luck you keep these, bring them back to your house. These will make your life difficult. It will take some serious effort to get these out of your house. This is the reason that we advise you to nip the evil in the bud. 

You must use the scents that should keep away the bed bugs from you. You can also check the complete article about the scents that can keep away the bed bugs from you. Stay alert be safe this is the key to survival not only against the bed bugs but also in general.