How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without a Host?

bedbugs without host

From the family of  Cimicidae, the bed bugs fed on the blood. The animal and the human blood are difficult to find as these usually bite at night when you are actually sleeping. This is the reason that it is really difficult to find out if the bed bugs really exist at the place or not. You may find the bed bug at any place where human civilization exists.

Human blood is not the only thing they drink. They may even drink the blood of mice, rabbits, and even birds. 

There was a time when the bedbugs were associated with the crowd and the dirty space. 

This association is somehow correct but not correct. You may find the bed bugs in some of the finest and specious hotels around the world. 

The Biting Process

These small beasts bite in the night. These are so cruel that it can suck your blood. They can suck the quantity of the blood 6 times more than their body weight. All this can be done in three to ten minutes. After this, it will again disappear into the darkness of the night. The bed bugs inject a specific material in the body of their prey.  This specific material is found in the saliva of the bed bug. This material may create an infection in the body of the prey.  This appears in the form of body rashes. Sometimes you may confuse it with the other insects. The only way to confirm the presence of bed bugs in your room or the house is to find the signs of the bed bugs in the room. 

If you see the black spots on your mattress it means that the chances are high that your bed and room are infected with the bed bugs’ presence. 

This infection may travel from place to place. You may carry it with you while you are traveling. It can be hidden in the luggage of the traveler. The flat body of the bed bugs helps the bed bugs to be stirred or hidden in your luggage. 

The Appearance of Bed Bugs

Maybe you remember that in your childhood. You had sent the bad with the message that does not allow the bedbugs to bite you.

 In the era of 1940, the bed packs were eradicated from the United States of America. till the era of 1970, it was not a problem. At the time DDT was used to eliminate the bedbugs. With the passage of time, the harmful and dangerous chemicals that were not fit for human use were banned gradually. 

DDT was one of them. After the ban of DDT, the bed returned again. 

This return of the bedbugs indicates that the bed bugs can survive for a very long period of time without any host. It may even survive for months. The return of the bed bugs nearly after three decades indicates that they are very strong animals.

Now we use different methods to eliminate the bedbugs. Some of them are completely effective and some of them are partially effective. Yes, there are some methods that are not effective at all.

Let’s examine here what will be the proper method to eliminate the bedbugs.  

  • Eliminating the Problem of bed bugs. 
  • To eliminate the bedbugs first we need to identify these. 
  • Identifying the bed bug
  • The bedrooms are so small in size that maybe Apple seed is bigger than this. as far as the color of the bed bug is concerned it is lighter than their color of the Apple seed. 
  • The shape of the bed bug is the same as many small-sized insects. This makes it hard to identify. The bed bugs can easily be confused with beetles and ticks. 

Drops of Blood With Itching

Small drops of blood on your bed sheet. Itching and rashes on your body. Both of these are signs that the bed is present around you somewhere.

The Smell

This insect produces a musty smell. But as this is a very tiny creature. Humans can feel this man only when they are present in a very large population. So sometimes when you feel the smell of the bed bugs. This becomes really hard to control the bed bugs problem. 

The Spots

The spots created due to the shells and the eggs of the bed bug can be helpful to find and eliminate the bed bugs. For this type of spot check your mattress. The areas located near or even on the seem 

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

The bedbugs love to live in soft places where the temperature is a bit in control. The bed bugs can live in the space created by the spring of the matrix. In the foam folding of the chairs and other furniture like that. This can also live in the cracks of the furniture. you may find it in the spaces between the electrical switches. It can live in the curtains and even in the wallpaper. 

How Bed Bugs Bite

Bed bugs bite when the person is sleeping. The areas of the body which are exposed to the bed bugs are the place where the bed bugs bite. 

The most common areas are the arms, shoulders, and legs. A specific pattern of the bites confirm if these are really the bites made by the bed bugs or not. The birds will appear in the form of red marks. These red marks clearly show that the design was made due to the bite of an insect. à four in number and appear in a line.

Do Bed Bugs Cause Illness?

The bite of the bed bug is not so dangerous that it can create a serious illness. It can cause problems when it bites people who are already ill. 

Bed bugs may spread Chagas diseases

Do Bed Bugs Travel?

In a way no but practically yes. The bad boys cannot fly or jump. But this can take a lift and move from place to place. The small size of the bed back makes it fit to travel with the luggage of a traveler. It may sometimes use humans to travel from place to place. 


Bed bugs are not a type of problem that can be solved automatically. You need to make a serious effort in order to get rid of the bed bugs. Our recommendation is to hire a professional and use professional services. Otherwise, this process will consume your lots of effort and