When you have a bed bug infestation, after trying to find some Remedies to get rid Bed Bugs for it you just ask this question to yourself: What causes bed bugs? How did they come into your house? Was it my fault to bring them in?


You can simply have a bed bug infestation in 3 places: Your home, your car or your workplace. These are places where you spend more time than others and easily feel the consequences of sharing your habitat with bed bugs.

So, let’s look at the reasons those bring bed bugs into our places.


When there are bed bugs in your house, there are two options around: They were already there, or they just came into your house from anywhere else.

Bed bugs can live for a long time, even for more then a year in some cases, and because of this, they can keep living in an empty house for months or years:

This means that if there were bed bugs in that house before you move there, you already got them without doing anything but moving into that house.

What you must do is to check any house that you will buy or rent before you move there and make sure there are no bed bugs around.

Second way to see bed bugs in your house is to bring them inside by any way. Here are some reasons those bring bed bugs into your house:

  • Buying secondhand stuff such as furniture, clothes or other used things
  • Buying used books
  • Having some bed bugs after a travel and carrying them with you without realizing
  • To accommodate a guest who already has bed bugs with him or her
  • Having bed bugs in your workplace and carrying them in to your house without realizing


You can be curious about why bed bugs prefer to come into your house and what causes them to choose yours.

But you must forget about thinking this! Bed bugs are not picky creatures which have specific criteria about hosting. They just need blood to fed on and every place with human or other food sources are ideal for them.

It’s not important for bed bugs that how clean is your house or how dirty are your clothes. They usually do not move from one place to another, but they are transmitted by human in most cases.


As I told you above, they can come by a friend of you or an old stuff you bought or you can bring bed bugs on you from your office to home.

There is no certain answer to this question. What you must do is to focus on how to get rid of bed bugs instead of where they came from!


This is another useless question. It’s useless because, the answer is the same as how they came at first time.

If you believe that you got rid of bed bugs permanently and you just saw one after a few months from treatment, there are 2 options:

  • You never got rid of them permanently and they just kept hiding around in your house
  • You got bed bugs again by any way such as carrying them form your travel or buying used stuff or other reasons


What causes bed bugs to come into your house? There may be several reasons for this. First, you can have one from any public areas or buildings like those below:

Secondly you can have bed bugs from anyone in your social environment. You can carry one on you to your house after you visit e friend of you who already has bed bugs in his or her home. Or a friend of you can bring bed bugs together with him to you house when he or she visits you.

One common reason to cause bed bugs is to buy used stuff and bring them inside your house without checking them well for bed bugs.

Especially used furniture, Mattress, cabinets, carpets, pictures, clothes and books may carry bed bugs with it and you must be careful before placing them into your house.

Remember that there is no certain reason that cause bed bugs. Having bed bugs at home is not about how dirty or messy your house is.

Bed bugs just come to your house with a friend or stuff or a family member and you can’t do anything about this.

Just be careful with used stuff before getting them into your house and check yourself and suitcases after a travel.