Can bed bugs live outside?

You have a real problem, when you have bed bugs inside your home. But you can see them outside home and this can be the beginning of a problem. So, can bed bugs live outside?

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are blood-fed bugs and they feed on mammalians. This makes human a main food source for them.

You can check this article to see what they look like:

There are three life stages of bed bugs and their appearance is different in all those stages. But bed bug body is flatted, oval-shaped and 1 to 5 mm sized.

pictures of bed bugs in different stages

Do bed bugs live outside?

Yes, they live outside. But this is not the way they prefer. Bed bugs are likely to host in places those are close to their food sources.

So, where they live in outside is usually those places on which they can easily reach people to feed on.

If you are looking for bed bugs outside, you should search such places.

a stone way in garden

Where to look for bed bugs outside?

As I told above, they will probably be around those stuff that you visit often. These are possible hosts for bed bugs when they are outside:

  • Cars
  • Tents
  • Furniture in gardens

Bed bugs in cars and tents

Main place for bed bugs outside is cars. Cars provide bed bugs to hide and become closer to people they will feed on.

Bed bugs can easily hide under trims or mops and feed on you or your kids while you’re driving.

Tents are also available to keep bed bugs inside. Because tent will provide ideal temperature for bed bugs and people living or sleeping inside a tent will be a feeding option for them.

a man holding car wheel

Can bed bugs survive outside in summer or winter?

I know why you ask this question. You wonder whether bed bugs can live under higher or very low temperatures.

First, we need information about in what temperatures bed bugs will start dying to answer this question.

a tbale and 6 chairs ınder snow in garden

Can bed bugs live outside in heat or cold?

Bed bugs do not like hot, because very high temperature will cause them die because of dehydration. They will start dying after 113°F when they are exposed to this temperature for a few hours. Above this temperature, they will die sooner.

Bed bugs also do not like cold. But they can easily survive up to 45°F. Under this temperature, they will slog on living. Under extreme colds like 0°F, they will die.

So, will bed bugs survive outside in summer or winter? Probably, yes.

Even if you have a hot summer with high temperatures like 113°F, they will still be able to hide on cooler and darker places to keep their body warm stabile.

And if you do not have a very cold winter with a lot of snow and degrees under 0°F, they will have a chance to survive.

a garden door with wood

Can bed bugs live outside in grass?

This is possible too. But it won’t be a good choice for bed bugs. They need feeding to keep living and grass won’t offer them more options.

If you found a bed bug in grass, it’s most likely to move from somewhere to another one. Grass is not an option to host for bud bugs but only a way to their hosts or food sources.

Can bed bugs live outside in wood?

Woods are good places to hide for bed bugs just like furniture or beds. So, you can find them on woods.

But there is still the same problem here. How can a bed bug living in wood keep feeding? If woods are close to those places where you sleep or spend a lot of time outside, then bed bugs can live in woods too.

Can bed bugs live outside in yard?

No, open places like yards are not option for bed bugs. They love and need hiding from people and yards with no cracks or holes won’t help them on this.

If you find any bed bugs in yard, they are walkers from somewhere to another one too.


Can bed bugs live outside? Yes, they can. But when you come across a bed bug in your garden, yard or grass, what you must be worried about is the possibility of bed bugs being inside your home.

If you have bed bugs in your home and trying to find them all, you must check your cars. Bed bugs can be transmitted by yourself in your clothes to your car and after they settle in your car, they will quickly multiply.

Searching your garden and outside your home after a bed bug invasion will be a good precaution to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

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