How often do bed bugs feed?


Bed bugs feed by blood and human are one of their main food sources. When you have bed bugs at home, they will look for a way to suck your blood. But how they do it and how often bed bugs feed?


Bed bugs do not eat other bugs or rest of your dinner in a trash can. What they need for living is blood and they are blood-fed bugs.

However they can feed on bats, cats or dogs, their main food source is always human. They prefer feeding on other alive but human, only if they don’t have any other choice.


bed bugs bite human for feeding and sucking their blood. For this, they need to climb on you and find the right time for it. That right time is usually nights when most people sleep.

When a bed bug bites you, it also secretes a liquid which prevents you to feel the pain. So, when you realized you were bitten, they are already done with you.


Bed bugs are tough bugs which have resistance against hungry, thirstiness, heat and cold. Of course, there is a limit for them too, which will cause their death. But their resistance circle is very large.

After a well-feed, a bed bug can live for months without living. This time of months, in most cases 3 or 4 months, is almost standard for every bed bug.

That’s not a big problem for them to survive without feeding for a few months. If all other conditions like temperature are ideal for a bed bug and it can feed very well once, then it can live for more than a year:


There is no a certain answer to this question. Because, as other bugs or animals, they will never say “no” to an opportunity of feeding.

But some researches show that, when a bed bugs feeds well, then it will prefer to keep in its host and stay out of trouble if it can.

But bed bugs won’t be able to feed very well every time. So, this will cause them feed for a shorter time period.

We can say that; an adult bed bug will keep feeding on you for once in a month at least. Time will get shorter or longer due to its former feeding performance.


Questions like “How often do bed bugs feed?” never has a certain or standard answer for every single case.

Because bed bugs do not have a meal routine like breakfast or dinner as we do. Like the other bugs, they will keep feeding when they have an opportunity to do it.

But if you wonder about how long it will take to see a bed bug around after they bit you once, this will probably take a month in average. This doesn’t mean they will walk around shorter or longer.

What you must know is that bed bugs can live without feeding for several months and more than a year in some cases. So, if you are looking for bed bugs at home, you should stop waiting for them and start searching them around.

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