Can bed bugs fly?

When you see bugs flying around, i’s the time to worry about them. But every kind of bugs do not fly and are bed bugs one of them? Do bed bugs fly?

What is a bed bug?

Bed bug is a small bug which is 1 to 5 mm sized and can be seen with naked eyes. Their color is brownish and their bodies are oval-shaped.

We already posted two articles about what bed bugs look like and real photos of them:

Bugs mistaken for bed bugs

There may be a lot of bugs at a home. This will depend on how you are close to nature; how old your house is and how lucky you are.

Because all those bugs are usually small, it will be difficult to distinguish. In most times, you will need a real photo of a bug to be sure which you believe it is.

Here is a post about 10 bugs mistaken for bed bugs at home:

do bed bugs have wings

Do bed bugs have wings?

When it’s about flying, wings are absolutely necessary. For bed bugs, wings are not an option. So they don’t have any wings on their bodies which means only one single thing!

Bed bugs can’t fly

Because bed bugs don’t have wings, so they can’t fly. If you see some bugs flying in your home or car, you can eliminate the bed bug option.

Bed bugs can’t only fly, but they also can’t even jump. What they do is to walk and crawl around. Their first and only travel tool is their feet.

bed bugs fly

How do bed bugs travel?

This is a possible question for a curious one: IF they can’t fly, how do they travel around the country or even the world?

We answered this question before:

But as a summary, I can say that they travel just like us: People. They simply travel with us, in our baggage, body, cars, planes, ships and trains.

How do bed bugs move from room to room

This must be the easiest problem that bed bugs can come over in a house. They just walk and crawl. Moving from one room to another one is a daily habit for them.

bed bug anatomy

How to know if you have bed bugs?

If you are suspicious about having bed bugs but you have no evidences, then you must make a detailed research at home.

Here is how to be sure that you have bed bugs:


Do bed bugs fly? Thank god, no! Because if they could fly, can’t think how they would easily occupy the world with such an easy travel option.

Bed bugs can’t fly because they don’t have wings. They can also not jump. Bed bugs can just walk and crawl to the walls and bodies fast.

If you see some flying bugs at home, you should start searching for other options. However, it looks like a bed bug at first sight, you can be sure that a flying bug can not be a bed bug.

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