Natural remedies for bed bugs

If you have bedbugs at home, it means that you have a big problem. Natural remedy should always be chosen as the first option on such cases. If it is not possible to overcome bed bugs by this way, then chemical solutions should be used.

What are bed bugs?

I know you have some info about bed bugs. But if you want some more, then you can check this article which we have posted earlier:

First thing you should know about these insects is it will be hard to find and get rid of them. But sure, it’s possible with the right methods.

What is called as natural remedy?

While struggling with bed bugs, you will have two options: Using some chemicals or doing it with natural ways.

A natural remedy means that you will use methods which are being uses for tens of years. This kind of struggle will also become cheaper than the chemical solutions.

Why take serious bed bugs?

Bed bugs feed by blood and one of their main feeding sources is people. After a bed bug bite, you will have some pain and may be some edemas in some cases. If you don’t take precautions immediately, it will affect other people in your family.

Ways to prevent bed bugs

Before starting to tell natural remedies for bed bugs, we should talk about how to prevent them getting in your houses.

First way to prevent bed bugs at home is to not allow them coming in to home! Because a bed bug does not exist suddenly in your living room, under your carpet.

Bed bugs need to be carried from one place to another. They make their travels not by themselves, but inside the stuffs in most cases.

When you buy an old stuff, you should examine it before bringing to home. You can do this in the place where you bought or got it or just outside of your home. Never do this at home! It won’t help you.

This kind of a prevention will be the best method to prevent bed bugs in.

When bed bugs occur and what they eat?

For an affective fight with the bed bugs, you should know their life routines. Here are some basic behaviors of bed bugs:

  • They usually start to move at night
  • They don’t appear around at daylight
  • They don’t eat! They just drink blood 😊
  • After they feed by bloods, they just move to their hidden place and rest for digesting.

How to find bed bugs

Now it’s time to find them, but how? For this, you should learn where they hide usually. Here are some places where they keep hiding:

  • Cracks at walls or floor
  • Broken sides of wooden
  • Under the carpets
  • Inside or under the bed, sheet and pillows
  • Inside the furniture
  • Behind the pictures

Just don’t panic and look at these places slowly and carefully. If you become patient in searching, you will absolutely find them. Because they are not invisible, and you can see bed bugs with your eyes.

But never delay searching for bed bugs even for a few days. Because they really increase dramatically by birth and it may be late after a while.

What do bed bugs look like?

So, you found something under the carper, but what is that? A cockroach or a bed bug? Bed bugs are about 3 to 5 millimeters length and they look like this:

bed bug on a man's hand

bed bug close vision

You can also watch this short video for a close look to a bed bug in a man’s hand:

Washing the clothes and other stuff

First natural remedy for bed bugs is surely, washing the stuff. First wash these things immediately with hot water:

  • Sheets
  • Pillow covers
  • Bedspreads
  • Other washable stuff

Ironing everything for bed bugs

an old iron

Believe me, iron is the best and most affective way as a natural remedy for bed bugs. Ironing will kill all bed bugs on clothes, sheets etc.

You can use ironing also for killing bed bugs on their own places. You can use iron steam in the places where you can’t reach by your hand. Just run the heat and send the steam towards the bed bugs.

Vacuum cleaner for bed bugs

You must collect bed bugs as much as you can. You will find some around and just pick them. But you will probably not see all bed bugs around.

Vacuum cleaner is the easiest solution for this and clean all the house with vacuum cleaner. After your work is done with it, do not forget to empty the garbage bag or tank of your vacuum cleaner.

Oil essences for bed bugs


Oil essences are known as the enemy of the bed bugs. These oil essences will get the bed bugs out of your home. But you should know that these essences are not the definite solution. They can’t kill bed bugs or their eggs but keep them away.

Here are some oil essences you can use for bed bugs:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Tea tree
  • Thyme
  • Lemongrass
  • Clove

So how to use oil essences for keeping away the bed bugs? You should oil the exit ways and doors of bed bugs. For example, if you think that there is a bed bug nest in a crack on your wall, then you must oil the crack.

Boiling water for bed bugs

Boiling water will kill bed bugs. They have no chance against it. So, you should boil some water and pour it on these insects. If you know where they hide, like cracks or holes, pour the boiled water into these cracks or holes.

Rubbing alcohol for bed bugs

As a solvent, rubbing alcohol will kill the bed bugs. You may use a 91 percent solution of alcohol for the best result.

You need to spray it directly to the surfaces, but it may leave some marks on some stuff like clothes, sheets or beds.

Baking soda for bed bugs

baking soda in a cup

It is believed that baking soda sucks the wetness on the body of bed bugs and kill them. Just strew the baking soda around the home, especially to the cracks, holes and around your bed. Let the baking soda to stay there for a few days and repeat this process again.

Borax for bed bugs

In some cases, people claim that they got rid of bed bugs via borax. You can sprinkle borax on the surfaces where bed bugs move and wait for the result.

You can also wash clothes or other things with hot water with some borax.

Fighting bed bugs with salt

Salt is an option for bed bugs too. But some research show that it is not very effective on killing bed bugs. I suggest you use diatomaceous earth instead of salt.

Diatomaceous earth for bed bugs

diatomaceous earth in a container

You can buy this earth from a home depot. Then spill this earth to door sills, floor sides of the rooms, around the bed etc. in a strip form.

While bed bugs walk over the earth, this earth stick on their body and kill them after. Do not forget to use this earth in every possible travel route of bed bug at home.

This earth will harm you, just affect your daily life for a while, but it’s worth to get rid of these bugs.

What does not work as remedy?

So, let’s talk about some practices which won’t work. If you heard about these a natural beg bug killer, do not believe them.

Here are some not-working practices for killing bed bugs:

  • Using air conditioner as a heater in the room: Yes, high temperature will kill the bed bugs. A temperature from 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to kill them. But air conditioner will not be enough to heat your room at least in 120 degrees.
  • Using a hairdryer: A hairdryer can reach up to 120 degrees easily. But for using it, you must first find all the bed bugs. Beside this, it is going to be dangerous to use a hairdryer for a long time.

Step by step natural remedies for bed bugs

Here is a guide list for homemade natural remedies:

  • Check all house for bed bugs. Look every corner, hole, crack, cabinets, furniture, clothes and beds. Find every single bed bug or their holes.
  • First wash all your clothes, sheets, bedspreads and pillow covers with hot water.
  • İron those stuff that you washed.
  • Use vacuum cleaner carefully for getting bed bugs in every corner.
  • Now choose your method! There are a lot of remedies above.
  • Check if the method worked or not!
  • If it didn’t work, try another.
  • If any of them helps you getting rid of bed bugs, hire a pest professional.


I know you are looking for a natural remedy for bed bugs. Honestly, I must say that it is very difficult to get a definite solution with natural practices.

The main problem is that bed bugs increase rapidly and what you need is mass cleaning. In most of these natural remedies, you can slow down the bed bugs, but can’t exterminate them all.

As my investigations show, diatomaceous earth may become the best option. Because this way is cheap and doesn’t need to find all bed bugs before using the earth. Most people on forums and other websites say that they succeeded with this way.

Finally, you must recognize that all these methods include some health risks. You must be so careful while using these methods and I suggest you hire a pest professional instead of doing it yourself.


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