What do attract bed bugs?

When you have bed bugs at home, that question is always in your mind: What attracts bed bugs? Is there anything that attracts bed bugs? What causes bed bugs?

Meet bed bugs

Bed bugs are very small bugs but it’s possible to see them with naked eyes. They are 1 to 5 mm sized, oval-shaped, have 6 legs and 2 antennas.

Bed bugs do not have any wings so they can’t fly but they can crawl very fast. For more information about the features of bed bugs, you can check this post: bedbugdetected.com/what-do-bed-bugs-look-like-to-the-human-eye

why have bed bugs

Ideal environment for bed bugs

As other alive, bed bugs need some ideal weather conditions to keep living. The biggest problem with it is that they have a strong strength to any temperatures.

Bed bugs can survive over 0°F and under 113°F which is a large scale to keep living. So if you don’t live in Siberia or in a desert, you can do nothing with this.

reasons for bed bugs

What causes bed bugs?

Here is an other content we released before about what causes bed bugs: bedbugdetected.com/what-causes-bed-bugs

As you can see in that post, in most cases what brings bed bugs into your house is usually a friend or an old stuff you bought.

what causes bed bugs at home

Stuff that attract bed bugs

Actually there is no stuff that attracts bed bugs into your home. Because bed bugs don’t go after any stuff. Above all, they can’t fly and jump. What they can do is to walk and crawl around.

Because they can’t fly, they don’t like to change their hosts and food sources. This means that if you have bed bugs, somebody or something probably brought bed bugs to you by carrying them.

Those are the stuff which usually is a natural transporter for bed bugs:

  • Used books
  • Used furniture
  • Yourself or your baggage after a travel
  • A guest of you

bed bugs attract


Remember that bed bugs are not creatures which like travelling. They don’t always look for a new host which is better than they have.

When they find a food source to feed on and when they can feed on it only once for several months, they keep living.

Because they are tough bugs that can live for months or even for years without feeding. So what attracts bed bugs is the wrong question.

The right question is what brings them into your house. If you got rid of bed bugs and don’t want them back or if you are aware of a possible bed bug danger, you must be careful about buying used stuff and travelling with public transportation vehicles.

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