Which animals and insects can eat bed bugs?

Which animals eat bed bugs? This an understandable question because bed bugs multiply so fast and you want something to stop them. So, what eats bed bugs and slow down them?

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are insects which are blood-fed parasites. They feed on mammalians like bats, dogs, cats or human and their favorite food source is human.


When they host in your home, they will always prefer human as their main source. Even if there are pets at home like a dog or a cat, they won’t feed on them if they can keep feeding on you.

Therefore, bed bugs are disturbing for you. They hide in their hosts like cracks, cabinets, clothes or holes and go out for feeding usually at nights.

And when you wake up to a beautiful day, the rest of your day will become a nightmare because of red spots on your body and endless itching which was caused by bed bug bites.

Which animals eat bed bugs?

a bed bug with a ruler

A person can ask this question for two intentions. First, he wants to have a pet which will eat bed bugs and second, there are some other insects around so, he wonders if those insects will eat bed bugs or not.

Do spiders eat bed bugs?

close view of a spider

Spider are usually harmless arachnids. Even if they can be scary for some people, most species of spiders won’t bite or disturb you.

They eat a huge variety of foods including flies, butterflies, moths or mosquitoes. Most spiders prefer to wait in their hidden areas or webs and attack their hunts when they are close enough to them while some are fast enough to run after their hunts and capture them.

As I told above, their dinner menu is rich, and it includes bed bugs. Spiders are natural predators and they will enjoy bed bugs!

Do cockroaches eat bed bugs?

a dark cockroach

When you see a cockroach moving with a hurry in your kitchen, that means you have some problems. They are unwanted guests of our houses.

When it’s about the menu of cockroaches, the question is not “what they eat?”, but it must be “what they don’t eat?”.

They are omnivore and they eat anything around including plants or animals. So, they eat bed bugs too.

Do ants eat bed bugs?

ant feeding on a leaf

First, you must know that there are thousands of ants and the answer depends on the type of ants.

Ants are omnivore too and they eat a lot of things including seeds, plants or animals. In their natural habitat, ants eat worms, spider or even other ants.

So, yes, some types of ants like argentine ants, pharaoh ants or fire ants will eat bed bugs. But not every kind of ants in your home will eat bed bugs.

Do silverfish eat bed bugs?

a yellowish silverfish

Silverfish are metallic colored pests which are not harmful for human. They don’t bite or sting you. What makes them unwanted is their extraordinary view with 3 long appendages on their bodies.

Their main diet exists of textiles including silk, paper and other things. They may eat some dead insects too.

Even if they eat dead insects, we can not say that they are natural predators for bed bugs.

Do ladybugs eat bed bugs?

a ladybug flying

Ladybugs are known as considered good luck. Most of them are predators and eat other insects. Their menu includes aphids, mites, flies and other insects with soft bodies.

For adult bed bugs are as large as ladybugs, ladybugs can’t eat them. But we can say that, ladybugs will eat baby bud bugs and nymphs.

Do centipedes eat bed bugs?

a centipede

Centipedes are arachnoids which can move very fast. They may have 15 to 175 pairs of legs and their size are from 5 to 150 mm depending on their species.

They are natural predators too and can eat a lot of species of insects like spiders, moths, crickets, cockroaches and bed bugs.

And yes, they will eat and enjoy bed bugs!

Do masked hunters eat bed bugs?

2 masked hunters

Masked hunters may be your best ally on your war against bed bugs. Because their primarily and favorite food is bed bugs.

What’s wrong with them is that they bite you too. Their bite is very painful and this makes them a dangerous solution for bed bugs.

Do cats or dogs eat bed bugs?

Cats and dogs are not guests of our homes, but a member of it. If you have a cat or a dog in your home, you may wonder if they will help you fighting with the bed bugs.

Cats eat bugs and they really enjoy it. They like eating spiders, crickets or grasshoppers. But when it’s about cats eating bed bugs, no, they will not prefer to eat bed bugs. Because bed bugs are small sized with a length of 1 to 5 mm and that won’t draw the cat’s attention.

Dogs will not eat bed bugs too.

Natural enemies of bed bugs

So, let’s make a list of natural predators for bed bugs:

  • Cockroaches: Eat bed bugs
  • Masked hunters: Their favorite hunt is bed bugs
  • Pharaoh ants: Natural predators for bed bugs
  • Spiders: Some types are enemies of bed bugs
  • Ladybugs: They can eat nymphs and small sized bed bugs
  • Centipedes: Eat bed bugs


Becoming a natural predator for bed bugs doesn’t make those bugs a trusty ally. Any kind of bugs in your home should be thrown out immediately.

But when it’s about fighting with bed bugs, you can ignore the existence of some bugs for a while. They can’t kill all bed bugs and end this problem for you, but they can help you.

So, you must remember that natural enemies of bed bugs can eat them, but if you want to end this invasion, you must check for some real solutions.

Here are some ways to get rid of bed bugs:




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