Most lethal enemies of bedbugs

Are you also troubled and pissed off by the presence of bed bugs in your premises…. and you can’t get rid of them besides spending thousands of dollars on treatments… Do Bed Bug Bites Are Bothering You Every Night…  Are you depressed after losing from these tiny bugs…


In this article I am going to tell you about bed bug enemies.. Animals that can eat bed bugs… Yes there are some natural enemies of bed bugs who love to eat bed bugs more than you hate them. These animals are actually the natural predators that kill and eat bed bugs naturally. But all of them can’t be allowed within the premises of our homes.

In this article  we will provide you with a short list of predators. Those will truly be helpful for you in your struggle against bed bugs.

Do Bed Bugs Have Natural Enemies?

Once you know that your home and your workplace is under bed bug attack and you are suffering from their vicious bites. You start planning how to take revenge from these sticky and stubborn pests. Now you might be wondering if they have any natural predators or enemies. The good news is they do have natural predators and enemies.

What Animals Can Eat Bed Bugs?

Yes there are some animals which eat bed bugs. You might have known about recluse spiders; they have some such natural predators. Those are very controllable and you can easily hire them  at home to get rid of spiders. but the bad news is in the case of bed bugs the predators are not very home friendly creatures. You might don’t like them to intrude in your home, not even to get rid of bed bugs. I am going to give you a detailed description of the most easily found bed bug enemies.

Do Ants Bed Bugs?

Most aunts love eating different delicious foods which include human leftovers and many things. They also don’t mind eating bed bugs. Yes I am talking about Pharaoh Ants these are the particular type of ants that love to have bed bugs as their lunch. Pharaoh ants eat bed bugs more commonly than other aunt types.

Do Ants Bed Bugs

These ants are found in our homes and workplaces that’s why they are also called indoor pests. They look a bit different from common black ants; they have light yellow and brownish color. Which actually much looks alike to the bedbugs. Like bed bugs these ants also reproduce very quickly.

So if they are in your house they will develop multiple colonies and will help to eliminate the bed bugs. You may not like their abundance too, but I suggest that these are a better option than having bed bugs. Because it is easier to get rid of them but not bed bugs, you’ll have to keep your food and edibles safe from them but handling them is possible.


You might don’t like to have cockroaches in your house. I used to hate them until I came to know that there are few species of cockroaches which actually are enemies and they are natural predators to bed bugs. They love to eat them, few types of cockroaches like American cockroaches Oriental and German cockroaches are very effective in eating bed bugs. So cockroaches can help you in eliminating bed bugs from your house.

Cockroaches come from the species of opportunistic eaters and they will harm you and bite you only when they are short of food. But they certainly don’t love to eat you. A cockroach bite can also be bad as it can be infectious and their penetration in your food and other stuff in the kitchen is also very irritating. They don’t bother contaminating our surfaces and food but still they can eat bed bugs. I think I can consider them in my house now.(But not for more than a while).

Vampire Bugs

These bugs are known by several names you might have heard about cone nosed bugs or Assassin bugs or kissing bugs. These all names are counted for this one deadly insect which is the vampire bug. These bugs also like to eat bed bugs but believe me you will prefer having bed bugs in your house instead of having these nasty insects in your house. These bugs are very dangerous to have in your home as they bite you at night and they bite you on the face. There bite is very deadly as it can cause different medical problems and even can transmit parasites. so I don’t think that you will prefer bed bugs over them. Instead of problems they can cause you.


Spiders are famous for trapping the insects and they do the same thing with the bed bugs. Spiders also live in the areas where the bed bugs do. So they can make their traps over there and will help you to get rid of bed bugs. Their webs might look messy but when you know that these traps are going to help you get rid of your bed bug issue. I don’t think there is much bad in them. Another good thing about spiders as masked bed bug hunters is that they are less harmful for humans. Don’t bite humans often and don’t cause much diseases.

Masked Bed Bug Hunter

This creepy bug belongs to the assassin bug family, it’s so good at bed bug killing that it is often referred to as a bed bug hunter. This name actually motivated me and raised my hopes high. But the danger is it can bite humans when they are afraid and threatened. And when I researched I came to know that their bite is highly painful and can be troublesome for humans. I quit the idea of bringing them in to kill my bed bugs.


Now this can be an interesting option to eliminate bed bugs. The reason why they can help you with bed bugs is that they eat bed bugs quite readily. When it comes to looks they look quite scary moving around all together with their 30 legs. But these common centipedes or house bugs are quite effective in killing bed bugs. But the issue with centipedes is that they naturally don’t occur in that much quantity within your premises that you can get rid of them all.

And how to get so many of them that you can get rid of bed bugs completely. A few places are available from where you can order them but still it’s tacky to have them in abundance. Moreover, they can also bite when they get angry.


Lizards also love to dine on insects and it’s their primary food source. So if the bed bugs get a meal of bed bugs they truly find it delicious. But when you want to eliminate the bed bugs fully  you need a full gang of lizards to kill the fuss. Lizards are not very dangerous for human existence but they look awful.

But lizards and specially house lizards are not found in those areas which don’t have feasible living conditions for them. Moreover, who would like to spend their money on buying a bunch of lizards. But for getting rid of many unwanted pests you can certainly consider the opportunity.

Lady Bugs

Ladybugs are also known to be helpful in killing the bed bugs. But there is no clear evidence that ladybugs are helpful in killing bedbugs. Allowing them in premises doesn’t offend much but if they don’t kill bed bugs you will have abundance of both lady bugs and bed bugs. But a positive option in availing the option of ladybugs is they are quite cute and if they kill the bed bugs that will be a jackpot. As they don’t like to stay indoors in warmer seasons and they shift and leave indoor places by themselves.

How Effective Animals That Eat Bed Bugs Are To Eliminate Bed Bugs?

Existence of bed bug predators or enemies is a sign of hope and positivity that bed bugs are not completely invincible. That they can be killed but at the same time availing the option can be dangerous. As when you enter the bed bug enemies in your indoor premises to repel bed bugs you might get stuck with another problem then one. Like cockroaches are also very irritating and problem some for you when they get civilized in your house.


Instead of adding bed bug predators in your premises. You better opt for any treatment like heat treatment that can even destroy bed bug eggs and can fully eliminate the issue. Well we know that problem is big but be glad that it does have solutions and bed bugs are not fully invincible.