What essential oils are good to kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are among the most common household pests that cause a lot of discomfort and health issues. While there are various ways to eliminate these pesky bugs, using essential oils is one of the most effective and eco-friendly methods. In this article, we will discuss the essential oils that can help you get rid of bed bugs and keep them away for good.

Essential Oils For Bed Bugs:

Are you annoyed by bed bugs?

Do you want to have peaceful nights?

But don’t know how to get rid of these obnoxious creatures?

Then you should apply the best method to get rid of the bed bugs.

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Now you may be thinking what is an easy way to eliminate these insects from bed?.

The ideal remedy to eliminate the bugs from your bed is the use of essential oil. The scent of these oils as well as the impermeability to oxygen lead to the death of the cells, thus resulting in the elimination of the bugs from the living space.

For having a comfortable sleep people preferred to use chemicals. But it is not good to use any chemical, we should use such things that are not harmful to human life as well. Therefore, Essential Oils for killing these insects are being manufactured on a large-scale.

  1.  How to use essential oils for Bed Bugs?

People should know the rules of using such oils that have been made for killing these insects. It is very necessary to kill all the insects because they become a cause of some diseases like lip rashing, redness, and other skin problems. That is why for safety purposes first try to understand the usage of the Essential Oils. For that purpose, follow the given steps:

  • Before removing the lid, first, shake the bottle well.
  • Then apply to the skin where you feel reddish and itching.
  1.  Diffusing essential oils for bed bugs:

The essential oils, that have been made for the killing of bed bugs, are very useful but harmful as well. Diffusing is the main process through which these insects can be killed easily. Because it is a natural way to remove all pests with an extremely fine mist of Essential Oils. Its scent itself draws the insects out when they come into contact with it. If they are living in a hidden place, this process will kill them from there too.

  1. Essential oil bed bugs spray recipe:

This is a popular and famous Bed Bug spray recipe that can be used in homes without any harm. A person can easily make this spray at home by following the given ingredients:

  • 10 drops of Peppermint Oil
  • 10 drops of Lemongrass
  • 10 drops of Cedarwood Oil
  • 2-bed bugs drop of Oregano Oil
  • 2-bed bugs drop of Witch Hazel
  • 2 Teaspoons of Epsom Salts

The bottle should be shaken well before use and that is the main thing that every person should do. Also spray the legs, headboards, and footboards. The best time to do this spray is in the morning so the fabrics have time to dry out. Remember to take care of and avoid electrical sockets.

  1.  Essential oils for bed bugs bites:

It is a very irritating thing for every person that bed bugs are present in the houses. They bite anytime and swallow our skin. Therefore, it has been that Essential Oils in varying compounds have successful rates against bed bugs and are safe to use on household furniture. And, they have a great smell because they are very necessary to keep the bed bugs from yourself. There is no toxic odor that irritates you but sometimes it becomes irritating to those who have some diseases like difficulty in breathing etc. And essential oil sprays also provide value even if you don’t have bed bugs. The oils will discourage them from setting up a home. These insects will die as they come in contact with these oils. For keeping bed bugs away we should spray fabrics weekly.


There are several ways to eliminate bugs from the living area but essential oil makes a perfect option. It is because it is harmless to human health as well as generates a good smell that does not irritate. So, choose the right essential oil for bed bugs treatment and give your life ultimate comfort.


  1. How to use peppermint oil for bed bugs?

Peppermint is prepared from a mix of water mint and spearmint that has fantastic insect-repelling properties. You should never use peppermint oil directly on the skin as this can be very aggressive. Use by mixing ten drops with bed bugs 0ml of water and spray on the bedding, bed sheets, and mattress. Peppermint is also suitable for people who suffer from acid reflux. So there will be an added health benefit for those people as well.

  1.  Do essential oils work?

Yes, of course, it works and helps every one to get rid of these irritating insects. Just here is a point to be noted that before the use of chemicals, people must use essential oils to repel the bed bugs. And the best thing to use essential oil is that there is no side-effect of it.

  1.  How much time will the beg bugs take to die?

These insects usually die with the cold temperature. If the temperature is kept 3 degrees F, then the bed bugs will die within 80 hours. Not only do the adult bed bugs die with this process, but their all stages also die.