Does Baking Soda Kill Bed Bugs?

Some problems create an emotional loss. Some problems create money loss. Some create time loss. There are some problems that create emotional time and money loss simultaneously. The bed bugs fall in the last category. 

If you are thinking of applying baking soda in order to eliminate the bedbugs. The first thing which you must consider.  Is this your first time that you are going to apply a technique to regulate bed bugs? If yes. then you should read this article tail light.

These are some facts which you should know before beginning the process of killing the bed bugs. 

First thing is that they can live in hideouts and remain there for weeks or months without eating food. Secondly, these reproduce at a higher rate. So if you limit the bedbugs it is necessary to delete its eggs. level again rise from the next if you will be filled to eliminate the eggs. 

Baking Soda For Eliminating Bedbugs

Many methods are popular to get rid of bed bugs. Unfortunately, not all of these are effective. The bed bugs really have hard skin. Lots of things are ineffective on these. Baking soda is really effective to eliminate the bedbugs. 

The method of application

The application process is really very simple. All you need to do is just to sprinkle the baking soda on the suspicious areas. After 2 to 3 days just use the vacuum cleaner to clean the sprinkled baking soda. 

Is this Effective?

This is believed that the baking soda granules when fall on the screen of the bed bugs will absorb the wax on it. Once the screen is damaged the bed bug will not be able to survive. This Will it creates death for the bed bugs. 

As you already know that the reproduction rate of bedbugs is really high. This is the reason that it is necessary to eliminate the eggs of the bed bugs. The good thing is that baking soda is highly effective on the eggs of the bed bugs. The process is nearly the same. The baking soda will destroy the outer layer of the egg. After the destruction of the outer layer, the eggs will not sustain. 

Is baking soda really effective in the treatment of bed bugs? 

The answer is yes but partially. The complete elimination of the bad bugs is not possible only with baking soda.

Baking Soda


Some of the other methods are so popular on the internet

This is the examination of some of the other methods that are also popular in treating the threat of bed bugs. Let’s examine these. 

The Use Of Ultrasonic Devices To Eliminate The Bed Bugs

you will find many arguments in favor and against the use of ultrasonic devices if you look around the internet for information.

The process to use it

The mechanism to use ultrasonic devices is simple. What do you need to do is just plug in the device and put it near the hideouts of bed bugs. The ultrasonic waves will disturb the bed bugs. Because of the bed bugs disturbance, the bed bugs will run away

Do ultrasonic devices really effective against bed bugs?

If you want me to answer in a single word then the answer is No.

This is only a myth that the ultrasonic sounds will make the bed bugs uncomfortable and they will leave the area.

Ultrasonic Devices


Moth Balls

The use of the mothballs in the process to eliminate the bedbugs. Mothballs are another popular treatment to handle the problem of bed bugs. 

moth ball


How do apply it

The process of buying is really very simple. what you need to do is just to place some balls in the hideout of the bedbugs. Because of the pungent smell of these balls, the bed bugs will run away automatically. 

 Are these really effective

Despite its popularity on the internet. This is not a popular treatment for bed bugs. Impractical the bed bugs even don’t leave the area after 7 days. 

Washing To Handle The Problem of Bed Bugs

To handle the problem of bed bugs. This is highly suggested that hot water wash will eliminate this problem for you. 

Is it really effective?

This is also a partially effective method. The reason is that you cannot wash your furniture and mattresses. What you can wash is only the cloth on it. These are the bedsheets. So this is not an effective method that can be used alone.

The Use Of Talcum Powder To Eliminate The Problem Of Bed Bugs.

The bedbugs can be kept away with the help of talcum powder. Once you drop the talcum Powder around their hideout. This will make the surface slippery for them. You can even place the talcum Powder at the base of your bed. If the bad boys try to climb on the bed then because of the talcum Powder they will all be able to climb up. 

Is Telecom Powder Really Effective?

The telecom powder is also partially effective in eliminating the problem of bed bugs. It will keep away the bed bug from you. If you are using talcum powder with the purpose to eliminate bedbugs then this is something that is not achievable with the telecom powder.

Final Words

Many techniques to handle the problem of bed bugs are available on the internet. All of these are not effective. Some are partially effective and sambar not at all effective.

Effective even then it will consume lots of time. Second If you are trying the method to eliminate the bad work for the first time. Then you must study the technique carefully. If you do not study carefully then you will not be able to take the maximum benefit from the technique. If you are not sure that you will be able to apply the technique correctly.

There we highly recommend you to hire a firm for this job. This will help you to save time and effort.