Can bed bugs live in your hair?

Bed bugs are small and invasive insects. You can find them on your body or hair. So, where are their hosts and can bed bugs live in your hair?

What do bed bugs look like?

Sometimes other bugs are mistaken for bed bugs. This is because most bugs are small and look like each other:

So, first you must identify bed bugs. They are oval-shaped, flatted and 1 to 5 mm sized creatures which have no wings. They can’t fly or jump.

You can check this post to see what they look like to human eye:

a bed bug in black and white colored pic

Where can bed bugs live?

Bed bugs feed by blood and their menu consists of mammalians like human, bats, cats or dogs. If they have an option as a human, they do not prefer to feed on dogs or cats.

The star of a bed bug menu is always human. For bed bugs, human is just like restaurants and when they are done with their dinner, they will leave the restaurant and go back to their home.

So, where are their hosts in a house?

a man shaving in barber

Where do bed bugs hide?

For bed bugs, the most important thing for choosing a host is the possibilities of hiding. So, they prefer to stay in cracks, holes or furniture.

Inside the pillows or under the beds and behind the pictures are also possible hiding places for bed bugs.

In most times, you will need a flashlight to look for them around and when you find them, you’ll probably see tens of bed bugs staying together in their hosts.

a woman winding her hair

Do bed bugs live in your hair?

If you mean spending time in your hair, then the answer is yes. But if you mean hosting in your hair while saying “living”, no, they do not live in your hair.

They do not live even on your body or clothes. Bed bugs just feed on you and turn back to hide in their hosts.

Which bugs live in your hair?

The most known one is, surely lice. They feed by blood on human and main host of lice is human head. They can easily jump from one head to another and they also lay their eggs in your head.

Also ticks and mites can live in human hair too.

a blondy girl

How bed bugs get in your hair?

They usually feed at nights and they need you to no not move for feeding well. So, bed bugs usually feed on you, while you’re sleeping.

This means that they will be moving on your body while you’re sleeping, and your head may be a station during their journey on your body.

But your hair won’t be a destination and if you find a bed bug in your hair, you probably have a bed bug which couldn’t run away when you wake up.

Do bed bugs lay eggs in your hair?

As you see above, bed bugs won’t lay eggs in your hair. Because they always lay in their hosts which are safer then anywhere in the house.

There is no way that you will find bed bug eggs in your hair.

brown hair of a woman lying

What to do after finding bed bugs in your hair?

Finding bed bugs in your head isn’t different from finding them on your body or bed. The real problem is not to get them in your hair but get them in your house.

After washing your hair, you must check around for bed bugs. One single bed bug can be the sign of others.

How to stop bed bugs getting in to your hair?

Finding bed bugs in your hair will become disgusting and you do not want to see them again on your head.

But there is no specific solution to stop bed bugs getting into your hair. You must understand that it’s a complete battle which is about destroying them all.

May be, using dematiaceous earth around your bed will become a temporarily solution:


Can bed bugs live in your hair? Absolutely not! They won’t host in anywhere on your body. Because bed bugs always have hosts for hiding in your home like cracks, furniture or holes and they will live in those places.

If you find bed bugs in your hair, this means that they fed on you recently and couldn’t run away before you notice them.

Take it seriously and wash your hair, but remember that finding bed bugs in your hair is not the real problem. The real problem is to find them anywhere in your house.

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