ProVaseline Bed Bugs

Many stories can grab your attention as you browse around the web. But some are only hopes while others are partially effective while remaining are considered to be true. If you are looking for a cure for Bed Bugs. Then reaching at the vaseline as a survivor is quite natural. This is such an annoying problem that it is not surprising for you to be annoyed. 

People usually try to put anything to get rid of these. Doesn’t it look like a silly idea that you finally try to use the vaseline? 

Vaseline as a Way to Get Rid of the Bed Bugs

Vaseline is something that humans use. If it has poisonous features then this cannot be so popular among humans. This means that you will not be able to get any benefit by using Vaseline to get rid of bed bugs. It means that Vaseline is not at all effective If you want to get rid of the bed bugs. 

Don’t worry we will get you some real solutions that can help you to manage the problem of bed bugs.

Rubbing Alcohol

This substance has the capacity to kill bed bugs in the first place. Rubbing alcohol is not only effective in killing the bed bugs but can also kill the bed bugs. 

The reproduction rate of the bed bugs is really very high. A female bed bug can lay up to 250 eggs that can rise the bed bugs. This is really a very big amount. So if the eggs are not eliminated. The bed bugs can rise again so to make the fall of the bed bugs permanent the eggs should be eliminated. 

The process of killing the bed bugs and eliminating the eggs is the same. The rubbing alcohol dissolves the upper layer of the skin as well as the outer shell of the egg. In both cases, death occurs due to the hydration process. Moreover, it is easily available. You can buy it at any chemist shop.

The Problem In Applying The Rubbing Alcohol

Two main problems because of which the rubbing alcohol is not the favourite solution against bed bugs.

  • It is highly flammable. So this is not safe to use. 
  • it will only kill the bed bugs if it comes in direct contact with the bed bugs. 
  • In case if the bedbugs manage to remain away from it they will be safe. 

Vaseline and alcohol are not the only wrong things we applied to manage the problem of bed bugs. Some other wrong stories are very common and we have received these in the form of queries from our readers. 

You must have a look at this so that you should not be a victim of using these wrong tactics.

FAQs Bed Bugs

Question. Does changing sleeping patterns help to get rid of bed bugs?

Answer. One may think that the bedbugs set a pattern for their attack on humans. So if you change the pattern of sleep these can be cheated. Naturally, whenever the bed bugs are hungry they will try to find food. In search of food, they may even travel from one room to another. So changing the sleeping pattern will not help you to get rid of these small insects. 

Question. If I turn on the light while sleeping. Can I keep the bed bugs away in this manner?

Answer. Again this is not a possibility. This is true that the bedbugs get out to feed themselves at night. But by turning on the light will not create a day impression on the bed bugs. 

Question. If I toss my mattress will I be able to get rid of the bed bugs?

Answer. Unfortunately, the matter is not the only place where the bed bugs can hide and live. So even if you toss your mattress this is not the guarantee that you will get rid of the bed bugs.  Sometimes the mattress is so badly infected that you cannot keep it with you. In this case, it is better to get rid of the bed bugs

Do not hesitate to put the warning sign on the mattress if you put it away. a better solution is that you should pack it in the polythene bag or cover and then put it away. Otherwise, some other person may get infected with the infection of bed bugs. 

Question. Can I use heat to get rid of the bed bugs?

Answer. No doubt that the professionals use the heat to eliminate the bedbugs. This is really a very effective solution against bed bugs. but do you have the professional capacity to apply the search high-temperature? The bedbugs require 120 degrees Fahrenheit to be eliminated. There are two drawbacks to this issue.

  1. The first is that it is really very hard to attain such a high temperature.
  2. The second is this will certainly destroy the household items.

The professionals are trained and have the necessary skill and equipment to perform a specific task.

Question. If I leave my home in winter and come back again in summer can I get rid of the problem of bed bugs?

Answer. Extreme weather conditions make the survival of the insects difficult. but in the case of bed bugs, this is not a very favorite decision to be applied. Bed bugs can survive without food for a very long period of time. When you come back in summer they will be happy to welcome you back. The bad bugs can easily survive even for months without food. So this is another bad idea. 

Question. Does the movement of the furniture in the home increase the theatre of bedbugs? 

Answer. No, the movement of the furniture in the house will not increase the threat of bed bugs. But if the furniture is infested with bed bugs. Then yes it does increase the number of bedbugs around the home. Whenever you purchase second-hand furniture make sure that it is not infected with bed bugs. We recommend that you should get it treated before putting it in your house. 

Question. Can apply the chemical solutions to get rid of the bed bugs?

Answer. yes, the chemical solutions can be applied to get rid of the bed bugs. It depends on the nature of the chemical solutions. Garden pesticides are not at all effective in this regard. The solutions which are available in the market can be of some use. 

I said some use the reason behind the word some used here is that you need to apply again and again. Unless or until to get rid of the bed bugs. Actually e some chemicals are required to be in direct contact with the bedbugs to kill them. secondly, there can be multiple hideouts of the bedbugs in summer known to you and some may not. 

This makes the chances of survival for the bed bugs greater than yours. Another important aspect is if you have pets and children in your home. The use of these chemicals is not so safe.

Question. Can I apply the homemade solutions to get rid of the bed bugs?

Answer. Yes, homemade solutions are effective to get rid of bed bugs. The problem with these homemade solutions is that you do not have the required expertise to apply them fully. 

Secondly, not all homemade solutions are equally effective. The problem is how will you find it out. Thirdly some are only temporary solutions. This will only keep away the bed bugs for a short period of time. 

Some homemade solutions described on different websites are highly dangerous. You may destroy your home holds while applying these solutions. 

Question. Is it a possibility that the bedbugs leave the home automatically?

Answer: No this is something that will not happen. The bed bugs will not leave your home automatically. You need to kill them to get rid of them. 

Question. how to avoid bed bugs in unknown places like hotels?

Answer. Some natural oils are available. The essence of this nature I will keep away the bed bugs from you. so if you are in a place like that. Apply these natural oils to keep the bedbugs away from you and your luggage.


This is not a problem that will solve automatically. You need to do something about this. The best thing to do in this regard to hire the services of professionals. This will not only kill the bed bugs in your home but will also save the different households. without professional help, this is not possible to find out all the infected hideouts of the bed bugs. Moreover, if you have pets and children in your home. The safety measures are of utmost importance. The professionals know how to apply these professional and safety measures.