From the family of  Cimicidae, the bed bugs fed on the blood. The animal and the human blood are difficult to find as these usually bite at night when you are actually sleeping.

These small beasts bite in the night. These are so cruel that it can suck your blood. They can suck the quantity of the blood 6 times more than their body weight.

The bedbugs love to live in soft places where the temperature is a bit in control. The bed bugs can live in the space created by the spring of the matrix. In the foam folding of the chairs and other furniture like that.

The bite of the bed bug is not so dangerous that it can create a serious illness. It can cause problems when it bites people who are already ill. Bed bugs may spread Chagas diseases

In a way no but practically yes. The bad boys cannot fly or jump. But this can take a lift and move from place to place. The small size of the bed back makes it fit to travel with the luggage of a traveler.