Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Small in size oval in shape and brownish in color. The bed bugs live to drink the blood of humans and animals. The bed bug may change its color to rad with a lower portion of brown if it took the blood recently.  Bed ...Read More

Do Bed Bug Smell?

Do you know that bed bug infestation can be detected by some bed bug smell?  Yes even in the very early stage there is a certain smell that is perceived as a mold smell or some smell resembling that of coriander. Actually, bed bugs ...Read More

Which Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Bed bugs live on your blood. These live on your bed. Living so close to you but appears only at night. Bite you sucks your blood and disappear. This is really tough to kill them all. Especially when you are not in your home. ...Read More

Do Bed Bugs Kill You?

Bed bugs are a problem that is not faced by animals or humans only. Actually, humans and animals share a common trait and this common trait is the presence of blood. The bed bugs live in the blood of humans and animals. To take ...Read More

ProVaseline Bed Bugs

Many stories can grab your attention as you browse around the web. But some are only hopes while others are partially effective while remaining are considered to be true. If you are looking for a cure for Bed Bugs. Then reaching at the vaseline ...Read More

When Will Bed Bugs Bite You

Bed bugs, if they come in your way, will not leave your house automatically. You need to do a lot to overcome this problem and move it away from you. This problem is really very important to handle as the food of these bed ...Read More

Does Vinegar Kill Bed Bugs?

You sleep and these get up. After that, you will not be able to sleep for the whole night. You got me and you are absolutely right I am talking about the bed bugs. They not only took away your sleep but also so ...Read More

Essential Oils For Bed Bugs

Chemical treatments are available to get rid of the bed bugs. But is it really safe for humans? Is it safe for the pets in the house? Most importantly is this safe for the kids at the home? The answer is that if these ...Read More

What temperature will kill bed bugs?

Does Cold Kills Bed Bugs? Every creature in the world is sensitive to a certain temperature. Humans, birds, animals, and small insects have a certain power to resist the temperature. If it is high or too low it may lead to the death of ...Read More