Do Bed Bug Smell?

Do you know that bed bug infestation can be detected by some bed bug smell?  Yes even in the very early stage there is a certain smell that is perceived as a mold smell or some smell resembling that of coriander.

Actually, bed bugs have an efficient scent gland that is responsible for the production of a musty kind of odor. And that order has been reported to be not very pleasant. Moreover, resembling something like some moldy bed sheets in your washing machine.

The only good thing about this smell which is related to bed bug infestation is that. its presence can alarm you about the threat of bedbugs on your premises. And you might be in a better position to deal with the infestation before it is largely outspread.

What Do Bed Bugs Smell Like?

The smell description of bed bugs is reported to be different according to different people. As few found it something like spoiled raspberries, few reported it to be a bit similar to some green herb like cilantro or coriander.

Even a few sufferers, when asked about bed bug smell description. They bluntly said it to be resembling bitter almonds. And few even negatived the presence of any kind of bed bug smell at all. So when you are looking for the answer do bed bugs smell? or How do bed bugs smell? you are always going to get different answers as per different experiences.

The most suitable answer (At Least According To me ) stating its resemblance with Coriander. Coriander is a herb that doesn’t smell so bad. Keep in mind, the similarity of coriander and bed bugs is not with fresh coriander. But actually, with the ripe coriander seeds, they leave a nice sweet aroma. So that musty smell or aroma is compared with ripped seed; don’t look for fresh green coriander smell. 

What Causes Bed Bug Smell?

The smell of the bed bugs occurs as a result of secretions that drop from the bed bugs. Mostly when the bed bugs are fewer in number the smell is not much detectable. The smell is detected when the colonies grow bigger and broader. Mostly it takes months until the bedbug smell gets obvious in the air.

A strong smell that mimics mint or coriander occurs after developing a big colony or if a few of them are crushed under your back. The crushed bed bugs make far more smell than living ones. If you are experiencing some bed bug smell on your premises make your mind. As you are going to have a big bed bug army to tackle when a small number of bed bugs are not often smelly. 

Pheromones are a source of communication for insects. And also trigger different behaviors among the insects. These pheromones also cause smells that indicate the presence of bed bugs. That smell is also a bit musky.

How To Eliminate Bed Bug Smell?

If you want to get rid of the musky and dirty smell of bed bugs. The only possible solution is to get rid of bed bugs indeed.

And to get rid of bed bugs you can follow multiple effective and easy home remedies. You can try some bed bug irritants like alcohol and bleach. Even the market is full of commercial bed bug killers or pesticides. Well, I don’t prefer to use them but still, they are available. 

And if you want to stick with my opinion I say stick with the natural homemade remedies to kill bed bugs. Moreover, if you want to seek some professional help professional bug exterminators are also available in the market ready to rescue the situation.

When the bed bugs are gone, the smell will also be gone. As the main reason or the basic cause is gone. But make your mind that this smell will not vanish in hours but may take some time to go away completely. Even after the departure of bed bugs.

Even bed bug smell can help you to get rid of bed bugs. yes if you are going to seek some dog help. they can help you send them away by sniffing out there are hidden hubs. And help you out to get rid of these pesky creatures.

Can Dogs Smell Bed Bugs?

If you have some trained detection dogs they can definitely smell and search out the bed bugs. Dogs have some special senses and especially their sniffing or smelling sense is very efficient and powerful. So they can definitely smell out bed bug hidden hubs.

You might be surprised to know that if a person is looking for a bed bug hub with his eyes. And a dog is sniffing them and trying to catch out bed bugs by detecting smell. Dogs have a lead of 97% in guessing the right target.

If you are disturbed and frustrated with bed bug attacks you can seek help from dogs and they are going to be a great help. The dog can be a super searcher of bed bugs and can investigate their hidden hubs in only a few minutes. These dog detectives have proved themselves in the field so far that they are being used professionally as well. 

Now dogs are trained in this regard and are participating actively in the community to fight this lethal and stubborn pest. Now this man’s best friend is providing him the best assistance in fighting against this dangerous intruder.

Can Bed Bug Smell You? Can Bed Bug Smell Blood?

bed bug smell

Bed Bugs are attracted to humans as they are a source of meal for them. But can they smell humans or their blood or how do bed bugs detect humans. Scientists have found out the answer to this question that they can feel the warmth of the living creature. Moreover, detect them by the carbon dioxide they exhale.

Can Bed Bug Smell Period?

There is another quite famous but embarrassing myth for women that bed bugs are attracted by the period blood of women. So here is the good news that this is a fake myth. Bed Bugs do like to take blood meals but they always prefer hot blood meals coming out from a mammal’s skin or an animal’s skin.

Yes, that’s true bed bugs don’t even like to feed on a nonliving animal. This is a very simple logic from which we can prove that bed bugs cannot be attracted towards period blood. As they cannot drink period blood with a tube in front of their mouth. They can only take out the blood from the skin and prefer to do so as it is the fresh warm running blood. Their favorite meal ever moreover, they can smell blood or not it’s proven till date.

Can Bed Bug Smell Bleach?

Bed bugs hate bleach as they can not resist its strong smell. Bed bugs are suffocated by their smell and when they are exposed to hypochlorous this active ingredient is highly injurious to bed bugs. Moreover, bleach also sanitizes bugs no matter they are bed bugs or other bugs.


This article is the essence of years-long research that helped me a lot in fighting out the bug issue. And nowhere on this Blog, I am here with my team to save you from the stress and struggle which was once suffered by me and my family. To understand this enemy and know its nature and fight this stubborn creature. I hope you find it useful too!